HP Builds Again Smartphones

HP Brings HP Smartphones on the Market

According to the magazine “The Information” wants to get HP back in the Smartphone market. Especially smart phones with large displays are to be produced. The good: the HP Smartphones should not be expensive.

HP has want to know in terms of smartphones ever almost three years ago, had failed but with its equipment at that time on the market, before it really started. Manager error were to blame for this: the Smartphone that HP had offered three years ago, were the models Pre3 and veer – based both on the Palm operating system webOS. Also offered was a Tablet PC, the HP touchpad from HP. Only a few weeks after the launch of the made HP the complete business area flat and verramschte then the phones and tablets under the purchase price. The former German CEO of HP, Leo was responsible for most pharmacists. He wanted to lead HP away from the hardware business and the company make a pure software and services company. Not all were so great this idea probably because pharmacists was gone some time later by the window. Meg Whitman, who again opts for HP smartphones took over his post: HP wants to build now, especially smart phones with large displays – the HP Smartphones should not be too expensive, because HP wants to offer its HP Smartphones from as little as $200. HP primarily Phablets would like to manufacture equipment so that the size be made between normal phone and tablet. HP smartphones to be offered with display sizes of 6 inches or more. It remains to be seen what we can expect from the affordable HP smartphones…

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