How to Wear Winter Leggings

How to Wear Winter Leggings

  1. At the weekend

For leisure, wear leggings with a sneaker, low-cut sandals, sneakers or low-high boots.

  1. At night

Bet on bright pants and pretty little sweaters. With escarpins, you’ll look like a novel actress!

  1. At work

It gets more formal if you combine it with heeled shoes. Want a luxury look? Wear with blazer.

Smart Tricks

– Get Higher

Choose a dark-colored leggings and match it with heeled shoes of the same shade. Your legs will look longer!

– Lower your hips

Decrease the volume of the region by using plain legging with long printed tees covering this part of the body.

– Accept sensuality

Being a little stick on the legs, this piece is quite sexy. To balance the look, bet on tighter blouses.

Wear Winter Leggings

Legging Models

  1. Metalized

Made of cirré, vinyl and other materials, it can have “wet” effect or leather face.

  1. Colorful

Brilliant, she gains the company of prints and strong colors, like silver and gold.

  1. Jeans

From twill with elastane or mesh imitating jeans, it looks like a skinny.

  1. Velvet

It works like a warm pantyhose, great for winter.

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