How to Wear Slippers in the Winter

They are comfortable, versatile, delicate, super feminine, so, of course, they, the fluffy slippers, remain high, even in the colder seasons.

Yes, a lot of people end up giving up this comfortable and practical footwear, but the fact is that despite the winter have tuuudo to do with boots, sneakers do not need to be cast aside.

No wonder they don’t go out of fashion, are versatile and great to use, and can make beautiful in their looks, even if it’s not summer, and that’s what we’re going to show here how to rock with this super comfortable footwear and on colder days of the year.

For those who don’t know, here’s a warning, the shoes can perfectly be part of winter productions, and can be used on various occasions.

Feels very cold feet? OK, but you don’t have to give up that comfortable slippers recommended by, simply combine it with Pantyhose more grossinhas and ready, get a look super cool and feminine, besides, of course, comfortable.

Plus, anyone who thinks elegance depends on the height of the jump, you’re sorely mistaken, the shoes are also a great alternative for those who want to be elegant with a shoe without jump.

It’s worth knowing that the excessive elevation of footwear can increase pressure in the region (forefoot), favoring the development of painful disorders.

But, very quiet at this time, because the footwear is not recommended for women very short and plump, or have a very classic style.

But, for you know quite well how to make nice with a beautiful sneaker feet on colder days, we gathered below some looks to inspire you.

Want to do that even fashionistas around the world? Then just bet on the combination beyond: stylish trench coat with jeans and sneakers in the winter.

Another tip is to invest in tailoring trousers, tricots and even skirts, as you can see, there is no shortage of options for you to wear the shoes in the winter!

But, who doesn’t usually feel very cold feet, you can bet the double sneaker with jeans, snapping up the look with lighter pieces, such as blazers and jackets, believe me, is beautiful and can even dispense with the stockings, since I don’t feel cold feet

Tips for making nice with the shoes in winter

Shoes on a daily basis:

If you’re going to use the shoes on a daily basis, the tip is to bet in cheerful colors and fun, they give a touch more relaxed look, except for the visual basics when used with leggings, skinny pants, shorts, dresses and long skirts in tissues with stripped down style;

Shoes for evening wear:

For use at night, in this case, Valley resort to good little black dress, or bicolor, which always gives a touch more elegant production, and the tip is use with short skirt or tube top, accompanied by a 40 wire panty;

Sneakers for parties:

Of course, when the occasion is a party, in this case, it’s worth betting on a more elegant look, investing in metallic tones, embroidered, noble materials, worth playing in pantaloons, dress or tunic long oriental-style with side slits between other more sophisticated productions, in fluid fabrics.