How to Wear During Pregnancy

After the “positive” in the blood test, there are many changes that accompany pregnancy: the body transforming, the room, the Trousseau, the relationship with baby’s father, with his parents, the in-laws…

Clothing for Pregnancy

Gestational fashion

In the midst of all this, there is still the concern of clothing, which gradually, will not serve the new silhouette. This is because the woman’s routine does not change (or should not switch!) on account of pregnancy: she continues to work, attending restaurants and social events. And the “scarcity” of clothing for the new phase tends to “terrorize” any woman.

But with the following tips, you will see that it is not difficult to organize your wardrobe for the belly phase:

  1. Do a “clean” in your wardrobe – separate everything that does not fit more (like very tight skirts, tight jaquetinhas in the bust, very glued trousers, which do not close more in the waist) and save for when your body returns to pre-pregnancy shapes. This way you will release space for the new parts you need to acquire.
  1. Invest in specific parts for pregnant women – buy larger sized pieces is a very common mistake that future moms make, as they may even be well in the belly, which is growing, but will “leftover” in the rest of the body. Therefore, try to invest in parts with specific modeling for pregnant women, as they are made to accompany the changes in the silhouette, providing a good trim and comfort, from the beginning to the end of gestation.
  1. Use what favors you – the pregnant woman’s lap is exuberant, on account of breast growth. Therefore, use necklines that favor and cherish that part of the body. Gowns and gowns in court Empire (just beneath the bust) are very well, because, besides valuing the lap, they mark the belly well. But if you don’t like parts so, use low-waist models (which mark below the belly), which also value production.
  1. Key parts – for anyone who wants to assemble a basic wardrobe, some key pieces are fundamental. Jeans. It’s a good investment. It goes well with everything. Leggings. They are comfortable and allow various productions. Button shirt. At least one! Super Versatile, it can multiply its productions. Varied T-shirts. Short and long dresses. Tailoring parts: Trousers and Bermuda are always elegant choices.
  1. Keep your style – it’s not because you’re pregnant, that will change your style. It doesn’t matter if you’re basic, classical or fashion: view what you like. Nothing better than an outfit that leaves us safe and self-esteem up there, isn’t it?
  1. Breastfeeding Parts – from the 7th month try to invest in parts that are useful in the breastfeeding period, since the pre-pregnancy parts are still not serving in post-childbirth.

Therefore, choose summer dresses and gowns with buttons or crossed necklines will be great allies before and after. Click here: