How to Wear Chinos to a Wedding

Ahh… summer sea, sun and… weddings. Unable to escape, yes, summer is definitely THE time to say yes.

While women tend to reflect and prepare their often held very early, the men themselves, prefer the spontaneity and improvisation.This often leads them to fall for the gray suit worn every Tuesday at work or the three-piece suit who plastered in the closet since 2001.

Whether you’re the groom, witness or a simple guest this week we offer an alternative to the classic suit and tie, introducing our favorite room, chino, in your locker room. It is time to put a stop to the monotony and say yes to offsuit!

Long associated with British and American soldiers, the chino is now widely democratized and became a staple of the male wardrobe via Elaineqho. His greatest achievement: it is finally accepted by the harsh laws of marital fashion police. Yes, the chino can now also be worn during a solemn event like marriage, especially if the sun is at the rendezvous.

We offer you three different ways to wear chinos at a wedding.

Wearing a beige chino?

The beige chino is THE perfect room if you want to get into a slightly retro / preppy look and the marriage takes place in summer.
The chino is worn with a navy blue jacket, and a white or light blue shirt. Accessorize the look with a bow tie or tie red silk and a brown leather belt. Finally we advise you to finish the look with a pair of moccasins and derby shoes (if it is a casual wedding) brown leather.

… But of a different color so as not to fall into a “Clockwork Orange” look …

You have a dark chinos, navy blue or black

Mat, a dark blue or black chino will go perfectly with a white shirt and a light jacket, for example beige. A classic and chic look.Accessorize the look with a tie in the same color as your chinos, brown leather belt and the derby shoes or moccasins (if it is a casual wedding) chestnuts.
Tip: Keep the closed jacket to accentuate your shoulders.

If the wedding is really relaxed you can also remove the tie, look for a more “casual”.

You choose the color

You want to get out of the gray-blue-black combo and you stand without overdoing it.
Try the colored chinos, for example maroon or red, that will go perfectly with a navy blue jacket and a white shirt.
As tie we suggest a tie weight or scratched recalling the navy blue and claret as the picture below, or blue tie.

You can also make your set of a small handkerchief silk, like the pictures above.

Little more-try to harmonize your look with that of your partner.

Remember, if prompted, the most important is to dress in a comfortable and trendy outfit that does not steal the show groom. If you married, now is the time to shine!