How to Wear Ankle Bracelet

I just got my birthday gift for my grandmother. To my surprise and pleasure, is a beautiful gold bracelet with heart shaped charm attached smaller.

Well, I always wanted to buy a brace, but I could never decide against a particular model. But now that I’ve received, looks perfect.

This is a fun accessory, and charm-insane, is an original way to use them. I’ll change the charm, as my mood or outfit.
Right now I’m wearing my new anklet with a pair of Gucci black shirt and white slides Mango. Although the dress, shoes and purse (round Lancel) are sufficient for the professional, the corset fits well (so far I’ve ever seen in a more casual dress).

With my new accessory in hand, I started looking online for different dresses and styles. That’s how I came across some interesting articles on its history in fashionable styles. It seems that in the 1950s charm ankle seemed to be a success, and even thin gold chains of association with short socks (fashion crazy). Some women also made copies of Elvis plates ankles (crazy fans).

After this time crazy with boots turned disco diva period of the 1970s, and continued through the 1980s with dishes and anklets charm of being in a new place.

Returning to today’s fashion, here are some random thoughts about how you can use the anklet style:
* Don’t wear socks (not only likely destruction of all, but it will look awful and stupid!)
* Do not wear shoes with metal brace (you can only have a certain amount of metal in you, and a gold bracelet in gold shoes too)
* Large anklets in elegant dress = garbage
* If you have gold rings and to look, use a gold, silver anklet, if that is your choice, let your silver ankle has also
* Anklets + ankle strap sandals is definitely a no no! The same or Chanel Gladiator sandals!
* It is preferable to use tanned legs, smooth anklets (so you have something to attract attention, a cheese with white legs should not be on fire)
* Thong Beach + Gold anklet = a big mistake, beachwear dress to wear with an accessory shell anklet instead!
* Ankle and sneakers? Not quite.
* Use an ankle brace with flats or heels in the same way, but keep this in mind: If you put foot jewelry, shoes should be simple!c