How to Use: Socks Socket

After the post on the 3/4, 5/8 and 7/8 socks , all that was missing was talk about the stockings, or socks. Here, we almost do not see it, but in the countries of the northern hemisphere the modinha was quite successful. It has appeared in several parades, from more traditional brands to the most “off” brands.

At the Ralph Lauren parade, the socks accompanied the brown jumping oxfords. In the Dior parade, the socks were shiny and accompanied with open sandals in boudoir looks, inspired by lingerie. Already in the Burberry Prorsum parade, the socks, which were the same color as the sandal, gave the illusion that they were ankle boots, but in fact, it was the combination sandal + sock of a single color.

In, leaving the socks on is a matter of loving or hating . Unlike the other high socks, the socket does not shorten the silhouette so much , not to mention that it can be a complement to the shoe open on colder days. When worn with oxford shoes or doll shoes, they seem to give a more collegial/jovial air to the outfit.

Those who are more afraid of daring can try a combination like the Burberry Prorsum parade: put on the sock of the same color as the shoe or flared sandal, because the two pieces of the same color will not quarrel with each other. Depending on the effect you want, even worth buying a 3/4 stocking and lower it up to the ankle to make it wrinkled.

The socks on show go very well with urban jeans looks and women’s looks.Athletic and out-of-the-box looks can get silly and sloppy with the half-socket.

Where to Buy:at any specialized stocking store, such as the São Jorge Socks Store, at the Lingerie website, at the Tabio site, or look for Lojas Americanas, C & A, Marisa, Renner and Riachuelo.

1. Half Socket with Pants Jeans

2. Half Socket with Pants

3. Half Socket with Short

4. Half Socket with Short Jeans

5. Half Socket with Skirt

6. Half Socket with Dress

7. Famous with Half Socket