How To Use Necklaces In Layers

Hi genteee, have you ever wanted to wear your favorite necklaces together? Yeah! Necklaces in layers is
Trend in the fashion world and can be created for different tastes and styles. You can create layers from the most delicate to the most stripped.

  1. You can use your chocker with other necklaces and create a more bare and modern style as in the first photo or combine with more delicate necklaces to give evidence to your choker.
  2. In the second photo, two layers of necklaces with the same material (in the case of the court) and in the same colors are made. This is a cool tip if you do not want to dare a lot because it gets stripped down with a sophisticated touch.
  3. Note that in the combination of the third photo the necklaces have different pendants and of varying sizes. If you like to dare this is a great option! One tip is to place necklaces with pendants from smallest to largest, making the look even more incredible!
  4. The layers of the collars in the fourth photo are beautiful, are not they? The combination of pendant shapes looks beautiful. To make this combination just choose two shapes you want to use (in the case of the round photo and spikes) and combine them by alternating the collars.

If you prefer more delicate looks: Choose necklaces with smaller pendants and start with two layers, little by little you can increase them to form varied looks! In the image above I show four examples with days and three layers to form incredible looks!

  1. Necklaces similar in three layers from smallest to largest.
  2. The first necklace without pendant and super delicate with two layers where a pendant is round and smaller and the last longer.
  3. Two smaller layers with the choker overlapping the necklace without pendant.
  4. Three layers with matching pendant shapes.

You can assemble several different styles according to your taste, the important thing is to feel good and confident with what you choose, right?

So that’s it, I hope you have enjoyed it and see you next time.