How to Tell If a Bag is Fake

Too good to be true. How many times have you thought watching a wonderful bag on the stands, maybe super branded, at a bargain price? Many, many times.Unfortunately, in most cases, the great opportunities are false sad. It is therefore a mistake to be groped. First of all fuel this kind of market is not good, nor trendy nor the economy, then it is really worth to buy an imitation, albeit well done?

The fake designer handbags are certainly not new, but knowing how to find means save money and possibly invest in quality. If you want a fake personally have to choose, do not be deceived. So let’s see what are the details to watch out for:


Not all designer bags are made of leather, but the quality of materials is always high. We think of a fabric model should have well-made finishes, maybe in leather. The skin, if there were, it will be soft and dry outside, but not slippery. The structure, albeit slight, will have its weight, do not give you the feeling of empty purse. And then, before you say “yes, I buy it”, annusatela.The smell will tell you a lot about how it was manufactured.


Eye then the seams. must not have overlapping points, must always be straight, there must be no loose threads and seams we will certainly also well turned out in the end. This detail is particularly important in bags with quilting, such as Chanel or those of Hermès, the point in a star lover.


Counterfeit handbags hardly have a good liner, while it is a valuable reason to those signed. so watch that the interior fabric has a quality printing, do not let color and above is lisa. Please note the outdoor prints. The Louis Vuitton Speedy, for example, always starts with the brand logo and ends in the same way.


The same rules apply to budgets, internal and external. There should be more of the pockets and hinges made case.

Attention to the place of manufacture

Some forgers write at random places of manufacture, focusing a lot on the country of the house.For example, Louis Vuitton has always written Made in France, however, it is not always true.This detail could be tricky.

Ortographic errors

Are quite common errors that often go unnoticed, especially if of small print, such as those of the inner label. Read very well.

The price

Special occasions at bargain prices are never original. If a signature case arrives in boutiques at the price of EUR 2 thousand, you can not buy it for 200 euro Original. Even with the 50 percent discount, will have a very high value. Know then that there are classics that are never lowered, and there is often a waiting list to buy them.