How to Take Care of Leather Shoes Properly

With the low temperatures of winter leather shoes they constant presence in the life of a lot of people doesn’t it? The leather boots come out of the closets and win again the walkways and boulevards, used daily during the winter season we must be especially careful with this type of footwear to keep it beautiful for a long time.

And so today split up some tips for you to take care properly of their leather shoes and leaves them nice and brand new for many years. Check out the tips that will help you in this task that seems to be difficult but it’s not!

1-Never store leather shoe in the closet soon after take these off him. It is important to clean footwear before.

2-For cleaning of shoe leather, use a moist and tender and pass over the whole surface of the footwear. Then let the shoe to dry in the shade, because the direct sun in the wet leather can change the original color.

3-Sleek leather shoes from Harvardshoes with colorless grease every two weeks, to restore softness and shine to the leather.

4-To keep the boots: use plastic bottles (pet bottle) or cardboard rolls inside the barrel of the boot, to keep it standing. That way you avoid and decrease that the marks caused by creases in the year high boots.

5-To smooth out the creases in leather boots, keep them covered with a paper ball or paper inside, so you keep the shape of the boot.