How to Start Snowboarding

In our special body as we talked about practice skate as a good choice to make sport, very entertaining.

Now that the news begin to tell us about the first snow is good time to think about moving the table to the snow (in the metaphorical sense means, not the same table) and go to the Snowboard, one of extreme sports with fans.

What do you need?

This sure is clear all over the world, is one of the most essential we need input Heli boarding. There are many types, including freestyle allows more movements and may be most appropriate for learning or freeride that adapt to all kinds of land and although his maneuverability are tall and slender, also makes them suitable for beginners.

The first are more designed for tricks and jumps, while the freeride is designed to go down in one direction, from the front. Another type of stiffer boards are already designed for experts and competitions, although it is a very curious option, the splitboard, allowing to climb the mountain with skis cruise and get off with Snowboard using a single computer.

The rest of the team is completed with specific (to start better soft to very hard) boots, fixations, helmet, sunglasses and Blizzard, gloves, braga’s neck and wrist protective guards, since the normal thing is to fall a few times.

For get, dressed as usual in snow sports, You’ll have to do it by layers. A first coat with shirt and other clothes that are in contact with the skin, a synthetic fabric, prepared to keep it warm and dry, another second sweaters/fleeces, thermoregulating and insulating layer, and finally a third composite layer by the anorack, mono, and trousers, waterproof, so you protect from weather conditions.

We must not forget a good high sun protection cream and lip balm, as well as drinking water regularly, as though you’re having so much that it may not seem fun, you’re making a major effort.

Where to begin?

You already have everything, now it only a matter of going to practice, without haste. In the following video you can see the first basic steps, from how to wear the boots, up to the top to slide down.

If you already have experience with the skate or ski, you won’t be very hard to adapt, but also read these tips to learn how to Snowboard also will be very useful, and you can always count on the help of a monitor for your first session, to guide you and teach you well as you have to position yourself etc..

You don’t have to be a machine for snowboarding, but if you lead a sedentary life and only move to the days that you raise to the snow, you not only will be more difficult to keep pace, you will also run a greater risk of injury, so it is best to stay active all year, to make the most of winter sports.

What does you?

We had already said last year the benefits of exercise in the snow, in general as the important work being done in the legs (these large forgotten) and abdominal, Gets fat-burning and toning in a very entertaining way, almost without realizing an account, which will make that exercise has longer life and better results.

Specifically the Snowboard also contributes to improving coordination, agility, balance and physical resistance. If you are stressed, you can release all the tension, and if you feel new sensations like, get ready for the adrenaline rush, because it’s guaranteed.

Do you dare to try?