How to Shave the Bikini Line

If you like the look neat for a bikini line scraped correctly, you don’t need to go to the salon to achieve it. You can save time and money, personally taking care of your hair. Follow this guide on how to shave the bikini line alone.

Step 1

Start with the shorter hair.

for shaving your bikini line correctly, it is best to give your hair a good trim bikini before. Use a pair of hair clippers and scissors to remove most of her bikini hair for about .25 inch (no less). This will make shaving the Bikini area much easier, and it won’t be so hard on your razor.

Step 2

Make sure your skin is wet.

We guarantee you shave if you shave the skin dry. No matter how much of a race you’re in ladies shave her bikini line, the time required to absorb the skin down. This will also help prevent the pain of nicks, ingrown hairs and irritation. Acquire the habit of shaving in the bath or shower after your skin has had a chance to absorb a little of the water. Click here for wholesale swimwear.

Step 3

Use shaving cream.

Surprisingly, it doesn’t really matter what type of shaving cream that you use how to shave the Bikini area. Man or woman, SOAP or shower gel, something which provides sliding to their work. Apply this to the area of your bikini line you want to shave.

Step 4

Take in position.

shaving bikini line is not for inflexible people! To get the best angle for shaving, you must stay in the shower or bath with a leg up on a ledge. Walk down there, ladies! Make sure your position is stable or you may end up shaving the Bikini area more. Use a clean, sharp as a razor so that he will not be required to pass over an area more than once or twice (which leads to irritation and red marks). To begin, place the blade on the back (or bottom) of your bikini area. Shave to the outer leg. Work your way up the sides, creating a nice straight line as you go. You should be able to place a ruler along the Bikini area shaved and the rest of your hair. Repeat this process for both parties to complete shaving bikini line.

Stage 5

Protect your bikini area.

After you have scraped the Bikini area as suggested on, reduce the risk of shock or irritation, rinse well to remove any SOAP residue. A little known secret is that a thin layer of deodorant in shave bikini line will prevent pimples as well (a thin layer is all you need.) Allow your bikini line to rest between chips. Once or twice a week should be the Max you shave the Bikini area.