How to Send GIFs with WhatsApp for Android

Since a few weeks ago came in sending animated GIFs to WhatsApp for Android, but not as he would have liked. It only allowed us to share a video as an animated GIF of 6 seconds, nothing that take a GIF of the gallery and share it, until today.

The new beta version of WhatsApp already has with full support for GIFs, or what is the same, finally we can send files GIFs directly from the Gallery.

Send a GIF

To send any GIF that you have downloaded on your device now is as simple as going to Attach > Gallery > GIFs and select the animated GIF that we share between folders. This method is for sharing GIF files.

Send a video as GIF

  • WhatsApp for Android: so you can share your videos like animated GIFs of 6 seconds

If I want to create a GIF from a video What we have to do is attach a video, cut it so you have a maximum duration of 6 seconds y touch the top right of the camera icon for switch to GIF. Our video will be shared as a GIF.