How to RT in Tecnoblog Posts

As you may already know, Twitter is currently one of the best tools for the spread of new content. We use it quite often here on the site, because it is an excellent way to keep in touch with those guys – and women – who make up our target audience.

To have an even greater integration with the social network, our developer Leandro Alonso has recently implemented a new feature that allows the reader to put on the site comments field name, your bushel and get the URL of the profile itself automatically added.

Today we go to a small school to give RT more coherent manner. I’ll tell you: it is superdifícil! #NOT Just take a look at the footer of the texts are published here. One of the buttons is Twitter. By pressing this button, you will be magically taken to your home page of the social network (must be authentic, of course), as with the cute RT.

Just press “Tweet” and be happy.