How to Put on Makeup With Red Hair

The best blush for red hair: pink brick, mauve, coral. Let’s find out together!

After speaking of eye shadows which enhance red hair, but today we talk about the blush that I match better and that usually prefer to use (everything is subjective then I might consider, for example, the orange mat uncalled for My skin tone and my hair color but anyone can choose to use it, the choice is ours, and the important thing is see and feel good about themselves).

Usually I use different shades of blush depending on the season: during the colder months I like to use colors that fit the season as the cold rose, pink mauve, pink-brownish / nude for a more natural effect as possible but also pink brick, all strictly mat.

In the spring begin to make their appearance more delicate shades like peach and apricot, matt or even a little ‘brighter, slightly sheen or shimmer.

In summer green light for coral color, even bright, to fishing with golden hues (like Rose Gold of Sleek or Liberty of the Snow Cosmetics).

Blush pink and natural for a discreet look

For the day I like to usually use more soft and cool shades like pink mauve, pink brick or light apricot. Lately are having even better blush totally nude and natural (like Bambi of Mulac), the rose that tend to brown for a ladylike look.

The blush Mallow Rose Benecos is a cool pink with a hint of mauve perfect for the day, for school or for work. It blends well, giving a healthy glow to the cheeks. The blush Starlet Snow Cosmetics is a very elegant pink brick paving suitable for the most formal occasions but also to the quiet outputs.

The blush Delhi of Snow Cosmetics is a light apricot color mat very discreet and highly blendable, suitable for lighter complexions and spring period.

Blush warm and light for the summer

During the summer the desire to color becomes dominant and here also take center stage with the cheeks blush more heated as the strawberry-colored or mat fuchsia. If dosed well can also be used by those with a light shade of skin: Ariel Mulac and Desire Nars are perfect examples of the genre. Check for vintage makeup bags.

The blush coral are adorable during this period: the cheeks are more luminous, thanks also to the reflections that may contain inside them to effect a sun-soaked (typically gold, in this case also serves as illuminating the blush). A beautiful coral blush with a slight pearlescence inside is Sassy Salmon Benecos.