How to Prepare Your Home for an Airbnb Host

Do you know that room in your house that no one uses, which only serves to accumulate dust and objects that you can not remember more than you? And that apartment or house on the beach is not rented for years? Airbnb may need these spaces.

The Airbnb is an online platform for alternative accommodation, where people offer their homes as accommodation for travelers and tourists. With more than 2 million sites available in 190 countries, the startup is revolutionizing the real estate and hospitality market worldwide during the World Cup in 2014, about 200 thousand people stayed in accommodation all over the country announced the platform.

With the help of the host and founder of Embassy Independent  Renata Alamy and architect and also host Isadora Dawson, made ​​a guide that will help you prepare your home for Airbnb, through decor, cleanliness, comfort, minor renovations and care and to even what you should not do. Check it:

How to begin

“Inevitably you will start to make changes in your home. Whether in hydraulics, as a faucet that does not close right or decoration,” says Renata. Prepare your home for Airbnb accommodations is redecorate it to yourself, investing in improvements that you might not do question unless the accommodation.

However, to invest in these changes, we must be willing, whether in time or money. “In the beginning, the money you earn with our travel returns to invest in your own home. I was in that to adapt my room for a year and a half”, added the host.

But no use to despair and want to change the entire decor of the house at once. It’s all a process, and you will find out what is most important feedback through their own guests. It is through them that you will realize that you can improve in your own home. This was how Renata realized that investing in a blackout in the rooms, for example, was more important than pay for a wide variety of TV channels.

The Decoration

Whoever thinks that the ideal decoration for a room or house on Airbnb should be neutral, with no detail. For a captivating environment, it is important to put your personality in the environment being advertised – so do not be afraid to put your items preferred the show, thinking about how your home can be more pleasant and cozy for those who will accommodate her. In the midst of thousands of ads, you also choose the space that most resembles your style.

Some elements can help you redecorate your space more easily, as colorful pillows, lamps, vases with flowers, hammock, books and even an aroma diffuser to scent the environment.

Receiving Guest

Nothing to deliver the apartment keys to the guest and go. After dozens of national and international lodging, Renata and Isadora know the most pleasant way to greet a visitor. “The first impression is very important. The first thing that the person will look when it arrives is the WiFi password to connect. So it is important to put in a frame or notepad on the table the user name and password for the Internet of the house. The ideal is always the host receiving the person in the house, offer water or juice, show where you can store your stuff and then present location because the person may be tired and traveling for several hours.”

Single or Double Bed?

According to the hosts, there is no rule for this. Renata has two single beds, so if staying a couple, just join both and put a double sheet. If not the case, people usually sleep in separate beds. According to her, it can accommodate different formats of visitors. Isadora have preferred to invest in a double bed, as one of your ads is a suite.


Prepare to spend on this item, especially if you have high turnover among guests. And do not even think of colorful towels and sheets – they can be beautiful, but they are not at all practical to wash.Bet on bed linen and white bath, which can be washed all at once with the help of a bleach.

If the person staying more than 4 or 5 days, it is also nice to show where it can exchange these items because it is something that can get dirty.

Functionality and Security

It’s super uncomfortable spending the entire trip rolling bags in search of pants, dresses and shirts.So do not forget to leave a free closet and hangers, so your guests can hang your clothes. Place also a bank or local support for suitcases and bags and if you can, leave available an electric iron: many people travel by Airbnb to work, and no one deserves to go to a meeting with a crumpled shirt.

Do not forget to take care of the safety of those who will stay in your home. Prepare a first aid kit with adhesive tape, gauze, cold medicines, cotton, alcohol and even acetone to remove nail polish nails.In the case of children and elderly people, protect the mobile edge and remove the carpets in the house. This can prevent accidents and a likely negative feedback on your Airbnb profile.


Renata and Isadora say that the main reason why people look for Airbnb accommodations is the possibility of cooking, something that rarely exists in traditional hotels.

So, have a well equipped kitchen and attention to prepare it for future guests – do not let missing items such as cutlery, corkscrew, frying pan, pans, spatulas, juicer, colander, blender, microwave and a good knife.

Remember to have a gas filled cylinder and a space in the cupboard and the refrigerator so that visitors can keep their purchases, one of the first things they want to know is where is the nearest supermarket.

Good Pictures

After many changes, investments and extra care, give your home the pictures it deserves. Prepare the photo shoot on a day when the house is clean, tidy and enjoy the natural light of day. The tip of the host is also photograph the house for some hosting or in the presence of friends, showing the experience of these people in space.

And give preference to the professional photographs (you certainly will not get the same result with your camera phone). Alternatively, Airbnb offers free professional photos, but demand for the service is great and not always the photographer in your region will be available. Do not be afraid to invest in the photographic part, because the photos will be the presentation of your home in the ad.

What to Do

Take tour guides and a map of your city and highlight the region where the person is, beyond pointing out restaurants, bars, shopping centers and other points of interest nearby.

To make the most comfortable and secure sense for guest, prepare a manual house which show, for example, the correct way to turn on the shower, paper and pencil for notes and a guestbook with the historical and phone messages all people who have gone through the site. It is also essential to perfect cleaning and even on the internet quality.

What not to Do

For Renata, “there is no rule, but all you are offering must be very clear and can not be a surprise for the guest. Do not lie on the photos or ad. People need to be aware of the limitations of the site, and most of the time these limitations are not important for the experience. ”

Isadora yet complete it is important not to let the users unanswered in the ads, since the speed of response becomes trust and influence in the final of accommodation choice.


Even after all of the above care, not everything is within your control and some unpleasant situation can happen. Renata says that the important thing is to be available to resolve the problem and solutions to reduce the guest’s discomfort. “Once, 12 people were in my house for a doctoral defense. 40 minutes after check-in, they called me telling you that the water of the building was finished. We ran to see what it was, I offered the house of other people to bathe, I bought gallons of water and even offered to take them to a hotel, but they liked my house and insisted on staying. I was very afraid of the assessment on my profile be negative, but the feedback it was wonderful and he ended up not mentioning what had happened. The issue is not the problem, it’s like you’re available and is engaged to solve it forever. ”

To be alert to any unforeseen, Renata recommends to contact guests via WhatsApp. “It’s like the reception of a hotel, since communication by the application is instant.”

The Embassy Independent

Renata’s interest in founding the Embassy Independent  came up with the passion to receive and host people from all over the world. Headquartered in Guaja coworking space, the project provides consulting regarding the use of the Airbnb platform, training courses and other services for the host city. For guests, the intention is to connect them through events, happy hours, guides and tours customized the city and to mini local cuisine courses.

More than an Embassy Independent, the project will connect people around the world, boosting the city’s tourism industry with services that do not yet see here.

If you were interested in being a host, sign up on the official website and be sure to follow our tips to create a comfortable and nicely decorated. Not only for its guests, but especially for you.