How To Place The Member In Underwear

Different ways of How to wear the mthere areMember in the ropa interior according to the design of the Cup, is not the same take all supported and relaxed to take it loose and hanging from here to there as if we were naked.

We can comfortably wear the classic briefs whose front shape is achieved through two or three vertical seams (the underpants of life) and be very comfortable, but there are also other models, are male thongs, boxer or slip designed with a bra Cup for Member in “U” shape and traveled at their edges by an elastic band that lifts and gives a good boost to the Member at the same time that separates it from the body avoiding annoying rods & lipstick.

There are other models whose design in the form of “>” keeps the penis accommodated forward (horizontal position) or some designed to place it stretched up glued to the body as looking at the sky. I think that it is not bad experience the different options in order to use those that we feel more comfortable.

Other models have a small pouch on the inside of the Cup that can be used as a ring to pass the penis, being hidden in the interior of the glass, is achieved with this model a different sensation, although in sight does not offer big difference with other models of enhancement.

It can also be so exposed (the raised to pass through a ring that lets him completely outside) getting so it is sustained and in their place but not covered. It is a model with a high content of sexual and erotic but I do not think that you replacing a inner garment except at specific moments, to be, to be covered with a minimum material, even if it is transparent.