How to Organize Your Laundry Room

You hardly hear anyone saying that his favorite part of the house is the service area. Unlike the living room or TV spaces for leisure and relaxation, the laundry room is a space intended for domestic work and it is often left aside at the time of renovation or home decor.

In modern apartments, one criterion makes this to become a even more delicate area. More and more areas are becoming ultra small, which often raises questions and challenges: What is a better place to store ironing board? To store the broom? The vacuum cleaner? Cleaning products? If the staves available, are there enough to extend them?

Often due to the lack of space, kitchen and laundry facilities are integrated. Each case is different and there is no ready and generic answers to these questions, though the webpage selected some projects that have been successful in organizing the room and have been important in the organic functioning of the home. There are inspirations for your service area, including some that are also used for other purposes.

You will see that the service area need not to be an impersonal space, and a good organization and special decoration can make the housework most pleasant. Also note the tendency to use the service area of ​​the space for other activities such as workshops and storing objects such as shoes, blankets, towels, etc.

The decoration of the service area can be clean …

… Or full of color!

Closets store towels and cleaning products, avoiding the mess.

Shelves enjoy the space of the walls and keeps cleaning products away from children.

Also bet on smart objects, which may could hide behind the washing machine.

Especially designed for laundry, this mobile has wheels that allow dragging more easily when cleaning.
The boxes keep the products and objects organized.

Small details make all the difference and make the room more humane. The space is also great for plants!

Invest in colored objects and walls …

… Or in different textures and finishes.

To facilitate domestic work, the most important is that everything is organized and close at hand.