How to Make Keyrings

If we think about the problem “where to put the keys” it is always pretty boring to be solved: wherever you put make disorder and are not too beautiful to look at, objects resting on the door or on the wall with keychain all different.

Yet the keys we have always many and some solution must even find it.
Today handbagpicks will propose a few DIY idea to follow in whole or from which to take inspiration to variations that are more up our case: there is a little of everything’, from the most creative solution to the more feminine to the most practical or technological… let’s see together.

1) Games of joints

Taking a cue from the ones you can conveniently purchase already made, we could replicate it at home, with our manual, and use wood recreating pleasant games of joints that will serve to clear up all the individual keys that we never know where to place without losing them.

2) Modern solutions with magnet

If the weight of our keys is not too much we can afford this rather minimal and tidy solution: the simple magnets serve to keep our small keys in plain view.

Interesting solution to combine the magnets to the plans based entirely.

3) Organizer

And think of the real organizer to hang on the wall to fix the keys, mail and perhaps to write some pro-memory?

They are very easy solutions to make at home: as usual a bit of dexterity and imagination will be able to go back very useful.
Why not try?

4) a bit ‘shabby Solutions

For lovers of style shabby there are various solutions to see cute and practical: the elements to be used are wood, tempera, pastel colors and vintage hooks possibly… the result is guaranteed!

Give way to your creativity!

5) Solutions “in pink”

If you maybe single, love the pink, plants, and you have a few keys here is the solution for you: cute is not it?

It takes very little to make it, to customize it according to their tastes it takes even less and the result overall is aesthetically pleasing.

6) Key for more creative

If you have the time available, if you are very creative and if you have suitable home ( or even the fitting room ) you could always think of decorating stones meticulously memory of some beach holiday and make it a key chain from very unusual wall original like these photos.

pretty and practical undoubtedly could be one of many solutions to consider.

7) Alternative Key Chains

As usual, the imagination has no limits and you can really invent everything with what we find at home, and we no longer use: from pieces of Lego, with hangers vintage old frames and a bit ‘ruined. It always depends on how much dexterity and enthusiasm we have: nothing is technically impossible and even the most unlikely solutions could be replicated at home.

In DIY winning weapons are the desire and perseverance : just do not lose them and you can achieve just about anything!

8) Key Chains by hidden Wall

If none of the above has convinced enough we can perhaps infer that we do not like in any way see our keys hanging somewhere no matter what.

And hide them?

Without abandoning the solution handy to keep them hanging we can always hide them with some ingenious solution such as those of the picture: two different ways by which to take inspiration and create one that suits our tastes and needs.

You which solution you adopted for your home?