How to Make Insect Repellent?

Currently the water shortage a lot of people are saving water in places that are not suitable for this and ends up causing the creation of mosquitoes, particularly dengue fever. With this increase in demand for increased very repellent, you can opt for natural insect repellent, in which you are you sure you won’t harm for your health.

This natural repellent is good against mosquitoes, black flies, flies and insects in general, which may be more inconvenient when it comes to allergic people.

Many people have a problem with existing chemicals in insecticides and repellents, with that they were out of options when they needed a repellent solution or natural insecticide for mosquitoes.

The natural insect repellent citronella is a great insect repellent. This grass is a relative of the lemon grass. It is a tropical plant and does not require a lot of ground to develop. The citronella can extract an oil that repels flies, mosquitoes and some other insects. However, the mere presence of this grass in an environment is enough to act as a repellent.

To make the repellent is very simple cut four or five leaves of lemongrass and cut them into pieces of 3 to 4cm and place in a small dish. Now put this dish where you scare away the mosquitoes, the plant will be releasing its essence, with this the mosquitoes will leave you alone.

When the citronella be dry looking and all mixed up, you will have to poke new pieces and put again in the desired place, because the essence has already evaporated.