How to Make Glossy Eyes – Makeup Tips

Everyone knows the power of a good makeup, she makes all the difference in the visual and may even set the tone of a production. And for the 2016 summer to prepare for the invasion of the Gloss, but contrary to what you might be thinking, we’re not talking about a mouth bright and charming, but … the eyes! Yes, the trend that promises to be with all the hottest of the year station is the glossy eyes.

If summer is synonymous with a light makeup and with an air of freshness, glossy eyes has everything to master general, leaving the runway directly to the day to day who does not relieve a good make. Portanto…se play in the wet effect, which promises to be a real hit, ensuring a sophisticated production and super bold, the face of our summer.

So, what do you think of this trend? To enter the trend just shoot the creamy shadows – worth appeal even for good old colorless lip gloss – are good alternatives. But the ideal is not to overindulge in amount to that effect be naturally charming, and opt for a lip gloss that is not very liquid, so that there is no risk of running. >>

Tips to Adhere to Glossy Eyes

Although it is not a rule, but as it stands out enough and creates a effect super sexy, glossy eyes is more suitable for makes and nocturnal productions.

A tip for the makeup stay more harmonious and less exaggerated, is betting on other products with matte finish or opt for natural-looking skin, letting the shadow absolute reign

The glossy eyes are sweat resistant, waterproof, has greater durability, the application is uniform, no stains, no build up, great for use on hot days and even for parties, so how about kicking ballad betting trend of shade with wet effect?

Plus, the gloss can also be used as the basis for the shadow powder, helping in the setting of the second.

Glossy Eyes Step by Step

  • Before you start, always have at hand swab and scarves, for retouching and clean the blurring.
  • Clean the skin and prepare with the application of primer, foundation and powder.
  • Pass the shadow color powder of your choice on mobile eyelid, in the summer, the tip is to play the strong colors, but that makeup is beautiful with the shadow brown.
  • Pass the eyeliner black very thin on the line close to the eyelashes and mascara.
  • On top of the shadow, with the fingertips, take the gloss (can be the shade on lip gloss or lip gloss) and pass with taps right on top of the shadow. This will give the wet effect. Be careful when applying and don’t cross the line of the eye, not to be blurred.
  • To apply on the whole eyelid, use brush to shade or mini esponjinhas for shadow.
  • If you want to use the glossy eyes well marcadinho, around the eyes, use the beveled brush and make a straight line to upper and lower lashes.