How to Make Fashion Bracelet

Have you ever heard about the style “Boho Chic”?

This style is a hippie style blends chic with a bohemian and vintage also coming week of weeding around the world and now hit the streets.

Predominately hippie , the bracelets that style is romantic and also influences the Egyptians, influence country and folk .

The bracelets are the accessory of the moment, following the trends of maxi rings and earrings, bracelets are here to stay.

Can be coppers, silver, old, colorful and pendants and leather laces pearl, just a little creativity and good taste to create a unique and stylish look.

This trend can be very democratic and marry well with the style of all the independent women’s personality and age.

The natural air and beachy that accessories with hippie promote are very cool for day to day and for evening parties.

Vanessa Hudgens, actress and teen icon is one of the celebrities who bet on the style to compose the look.
In addition to the gold and super traditional silver the beads return with all in bracelets that create an ethnic and modern look to the look. The shells also return to be used as elements for bijoux.

Mix several bracelets can also be the option for deprived women and who like to dress well.

The bracelets mix can mix chains, handmade arts, bracelets and pendants, silver with gold, stone bracelets, shells, with strong colors, string and other pampering.
To not miss try to use bracelets derived from the same tone and choose different widths to create movement, form and texture to the look.

Crafts ensure versatility stylish and therefore should be used by women who want to balance beauty and naturalness.

This trend is only growing with the bohemian and hippie chic style, because today’s women seek simplicity, practicality and also exclusivity in bijoux.

Make your own accessory can be a way to save and have a hobbie.

Several channels on Youtube teach women to make their own bracelets with ropes, leather and beads without spending much money and no time.

Not only is fashionable who does not want!

The bracelets in hippie style is casual, female super comfortable and full of personality.

Betting on style boho with hippie influence is an alternative to traditional fashion.

The handmade pieces are highly valued by women who think more critical of consumerism issues and do not want to produce items in series.