How to Make a Bodysuit in House with a Leggings

Whenever we see famous Youtubers and bloggers, we wonder how would achieve it? They are always dressed in the latest fashion trend and the tendency to use the bodysuit is at its best!.

Withered a versatile and comfortable garment that adapts to different styles, can go from casual to elegant by changing a pair of jeans to a pencil skirt and ready!. So I decided to try to recreate one of my favourite models of bodysuit in house and the result is amazing!.
Learn how to make a bodysuit with a pair of leggings
Yes, as you read, tried to make this piece of clothing with a few basic black leggings that was at home, I added a couple of pins, needle and thread and I was ready to get your hands on this DIY project.
You will need is a pair of leggings, in this case I used a few blacks and basics.

2 measuring the height from your waist up to two centimeters then where ends the thigh, take your leggings and mark a diagonal dotted line on the leg of the leggings to make it perfect. I recommend you secure both sides of the piece with pins to move to the next step.

3 make a clean cut through the pieces and the dotted line, you will notice that the top of the leggings, now became a short type boy, this will be the base of your bodysuit.

  1. take both ends of the leggings boots and join them just where it is at the seam, for a single piece, turn them over and sew around the edge with simple sewing, then returns the piece to the right

5 put the short, to have the reference where the piece of long cloth just sewing, passing through the neck must be a simple cross, make you well cover your boobies and adjust well to the waist. Performs a simple seam at both ends.

Ready! You have a super bodysuit cute, worthy to nightlife, festivals or any other event fun.

I did a video explaining the step by step and showing the result in my total #Eulook don’t miss it!

The important thing is that today you learned something new and recycle a pair of leggings in the attempt. Are you going to try to do it? Let me know in the comments if you want to see more projects like this #DIY.