How to Know If The APK’s PokéMon Go That You Have Installed Is Infected with Malware

After several months of waiting with beta versions that never seemed to end, a few days ago Pokémon Go finally became official, but not in the way that we expected. Niantic, the company responsible for the development of the game, started a phased deployment by countries, and today, the app is not yet available officially in the majority of regions, including Spain and Latin America. But we already know that the doors to the field is complicated and made the law, made the trap.

Google Play store still does not leave us to try the game, but most eager Android users have already installed it because a good Samaritan published the game APK file. However, there are others with worst intentions that are tapping into unleashed following the launch fever and already circulating an APK from Pokémon Go infected with malware. We tell you how detect if you have installed a corrupt version of Pokémon Go.

The risk of external applications to install Google Play is well known by all, and seeing the overwhelming success that is taking the Nintendo game, it is no wonder that there is anyone who wants to take advantage of the situation. With the game only available in a few countries, millions of Android users rushed to install the APK file to catch Pokemon, becoming in a candy for hackers with darker intentions.

The APK file infected was detected by Proofpoint cyber security signature just 72 hours after the release of the game on Wednesday. What it does is open a backdoor on the device that has been installed, allowing hackers to access the entire contents of the terminal. The malware in question is called DroidJack, a tool for remote access to Gets tray control device the attacker.

How to know if your smartphone has been infected

If you installed Pokémon Go through an APK file There is a chance that your device has been infected with this malware, so before continuing to pursue Charmander around your neighborhood, dedicated one minute to check that you are not among the affected users.

There are several methods to detect if the APK from Pokémon Go that you installed contains malware, but the easier and faster compare permits calling the actual game play. To do this simply go to settings – applications management and enter the section of Pokémon Go.

As seen in the image above, Pokémon Go clean version requests access to the camera, the location, activity recognition, consult the contents of the SD card, search and use the device account, access to the network, access the Bluetooth settings and finally control the vibration. There are many, but these are the permissions that requires the original application Pokemon go. If it matches, you can rest easy that you have not been infected.

Things change quite when the APK installed comes with malware DroidJack. The permissions list is considerably longer and includes sections such as edit text messages, make calls, change the network settings, read our favorites and history of navigation and to record sounds. In the case that you are among the users that have installed the corrupt APK, uninstall it as soon as possible and restore the factory settings your Smartphone.

In just a few days, Pokémon Go has risen as the foam, so much that almost outnumbers Twitter in active daily users, that it is soon said. However, we must not lower our guard, and always keep in mind that installing apps from unknown sources poses a real risk. According to Proofpoint, best thing is be patient and wait until the game is available in your country of origin.