How to Install Android N Developer Preview in Your Nexus

When no one was it expected Google submitted by surprise the new Android N version, which will formally during the third quarter of this year, while the lucky ones who have a Nexus of 2014 or newer can now enjoy this new version thanks to the previous version It launched through Android Beta Program.

If you are one of the lucky ones who has a 6 nexus, Nexus 5 X, Nexus 6 p, Nexus Player, Nexus 9 or Pixel C and you don’t want to wait any longer to have Android N you have two options: sign up for Android Beta Program and expect to get you Android N via OTA or manually install Android N factory image.

Android Beta Program, auto-update

The easy, safe and fast way to upgrade our Nexus is done through the new Android beta program. So we just have to access Android Beta Program and register your compatible device. After a while we will arrive via OTA update to Android N Developer Preview.

Android N Developer Preview It will launch four six weeks new new version via OTA that he corrected errors and added improvements. Given the failures that have these previous versions is not recommended install Android on our main device, because it can introduce performance problems and malfunctions. Android N Developer Preview is a development version, so it is not fully polished.

Manual update, previous steps

If we have encouraged us to install manually Android N in our devices first of all that we have what is:

  • Make a backup of your device because it will erase all.
  • Install the drivers of Google
  • Download ADB for Windows or for Mac/Linux. If you have not already installed SDK the best choice
  • Download Android N Developer Preview to our device

Screenshots of Android N factory

  • Nexus 5 X “bullhead”: Bullhead-npc56p-preview-6c877a3d.tgz
  • Nexus 6 “shamu”: Shamu-npc56p-preview-54b13c67.tgz
  • Nexus 6 p “angler”: angler-npc56p-preview-85ffc1b1.tgz
  • Nexus 9 ‘volantis’: Volantis-npc56p-preview-0e8ec8ef.tgz
  • Nexus 9G “volantisg”: volantisg-npc56p-preview-1bafdbfb.tgz
  • Nexus Player “fugu”: fugu-npc56r-preview-7027d5b6.tgz
  • Pixel C “ryu”: Ryu-npc56p-preview-335a86a4.tgz

Once downloaded the factory image we need to unzip it and Add to your folder of ADB files as shown in the following screenshot:

Unlock the bootloader

It is obligatory to install a factory image unlock the bootloader of our Nexus. To do this we have to turn off your device and turn it on in the mode Bootloader, This turns on the Nexus by clicking Low volume + Power the time and release when entered into the Bootloader.

Once in the Bootloader connect your Nexus to the computer by USB Open a command window to open the folder that you unzipped and the command:

  • fastboot flashing unlock

This process will delete all the data from our device, will do a factory restore.

Install Android N

With the unlocked bootloader installed a factory image is as simple as running the file Flash-all.bat If you are on Windows or the file if we are using any Mac or Linux distribution. Executed once the file already so just we have to wait for the process to finish. When our device is rebooted into the new version already we can safely remove the USB cable. This process also erases all data from your device.