How to Fix Really Bad Eyebrows

You can not manage your unruly eyebrows or the risks monociglio? No problem. Here are the fastest strategies to find a remedy to every problem
Your eyebrows frame the upper part of your face and define the expression, so it’s important for you to take care of your “string” at all times.You’re worried because you see irregular? We asked the makeup artist Cyndle Komarovski some advice to fix and make beautiful your eyebrows. You are ready? Go.

1. You have the square eyebrows at the top

In this case, if you act drastically, it may seem that you have drawn the (male).Instead try to create form through the little touches with a brush and colored powder, a pencil, a mascara for eyebrows.

2. The tail of your eyebrows is too long

The tail stretching too much can give the impression of a face frowning. Your goal is to make sure that terminate eyebrows in the right place. To figure out where they should end up, hold a pencil diagonally between them and the nose. The point where the pencil hits your eye is where your eyebrow should stop to have a natural shape.

3. The orbital rim is exaggerated

Too angled bow could make you look angry or surprised, even when you’re not. So if you are not born with a smooth arc but want to create a thin, keep a diagonal pencil that combines your nose with the eyebrow passing through the center of the eye. The point where the pencil touches the bone is that in which the arc should begin to bend to have a natural trend.

4. Do not fix eyebrows

Unruly eyebrows are a big problem! Especially because they not frame the face as they would those well defined. You do not have time to see an expert? Follow the curve of your forehead (along the hairline of your hair) and the hairs that are beyond the system to re-create the perfect arches.

5. You have the micro balding eyebrows

If you’ve gone too far with the tweezers, you are not alone on this earth. To hide the parts where there are fewer hairs, use a brush with the powder or pencil. Or entrusted to a mascara.

6. You’re overdoing the eyeshadow above and below the eyes

Use an excessive eye shadow line can draw attention to your eyes. Lights, however, the area of ​​the forehead with a concealer that has a lighter shade of your complexion.

7. Your eyebrows are too dark

This could make you look like the sister separated at birth Groucho Marx. The winning key to make your darker eyebrows are not necessarily the technique you’ve always known and used. If you have an area with a bit ‘of balding and want to cover it, then use a pencil or a little’ dust can be a solution. But if you just want your eyebrows have a similar color to your hair, put your trust in a mascara that you rub to get a fantastic natural gradient effect.

8. You’re making a mess to make it look your most bushy eyebrows

If you need to fill your bows up at the beginning of the forehead, you need to brush them and apply a product to be distributed over the entire length unevenly. To avoid an uneven appearance, which no one wants, concentrated to widen the part near the nose and thin out the product towards the tail.

9. You are using the wrong color

Wrong color for your eyebrows is another sure way to make them look fake and ugly. If you have trouble finding the perfect shade, try to use two of several to fill your eyebrows. If, for example, six red hair, use a taupe pencil and a copper-colored arches to give a natural dimension.

10. The line of the pencil for the eyebrows is not perfect

This is a fundamental step for the natural arches. The easiest way to define your eyebrows, according to eHealthFacts, is to draw a line with a pencil under the eyebrow and then distribute it with a brush. You must also remember to fade all right.

11. Are you using too dark line to fill your eyebrows

Whatever you do, do not fill your eyebrows in a single move, be it a pencil, a powder or a mascara. By contrast, the small strokes to outline your eyebrows with a pencil and make the oscillating movements that go in the direction of growth of hairs.

12. Your eyebrows have an unkempt appearance

If you are fond of to your eyebrows, you should immediately begin to love them. If you have a messy and unruly eyebrows, spazzolalo upward and outward. The best way to do this is to retrieve a cream and distribute it to draw well the line of the eyebrows.

13. Are you using too much makeup

Regardless of the type of product you use, when enough is enough. Begin to use only a smaller amount to get the desired look. Sometimes it is easier to apply a product than it is to remove it. If you do look like a build-up on your strings, take a brush and distribute it more evenly, removing any excess.