How to Dress Well for Woman?

It makes us the eye in stores (and magazines), yet it is hard to dare … The combination is back this year is the opportunity for us to tell you how to wear this decidedly feminine clothing.

Womens Combination Why I Finally Dares Wear

The woman combination is an outfit that is not always easy to wear and who returns in cycles, in our shopping desires. Clothing day evening, summer and winter, it comes in an infinite number of designs and cuts. What inevitably find yours! Recently, we have seen reappear on the catwalks and in box, where it changes the robe. Original and elegant, the woman combination has that little I do not know what that makes us feel much safer after us. Larger, thinner, younger: the combi acts like a face lift! In fact, it is the equivalent of the little black dress. It puts it, and if it’s good, it’s already 50% of the work done! It remains for you to do the rest …

With What Clothes to Wear?

In summer, the door as it is, without adding anything to a fine and fluid silhouette. We are moving more towards a playsuit. For more cold weather, the door with a long cardigan, denim jacket or bomber spirit: play on the masculine-feminine make you sexy. At 20, we try combining denim overalls style, with sneakers. It is believed to feminize her hair with hair down, a hat … In 30 years, the door legs eph to get noticed, but rather with a cut right to quiet down the game. On the door while with flat shoes and a designer bag. My 40s, one door in a safari style with beige or khaki tones with heels and a perfect blow dry. In the evening we leave the big guns: high square or wedge heels, flashy jewelry and glossy ponytail. And one begins to Alicia Keys!

Wife Combination: Good to Know …

To increase its combination, careful to choose its size and to accessorize. If the combination is not reserved only for slender figures, it is true that she does not forgive the round, if poorly adjusted. Typically, one chooses a more relaxed fit if one is fine, and rather close to the body if it was rather large, especially if they are located in the pelvis. If younger guests daring patterns and other geometric shapes, monochrome combi will be easier to bear after the twenties.