How to Dress If You Are Tall?

You blithely exceed the sixty-three meter average French? You may be proud … and learn to choose your clothes to love your body! Because dress when you come out of standard may require a little imagination, follow some simple tips and rediscover the pleasure of being great.

Dress When One Is High, the Miracle Clothes

An infallible ally? The pants. It emphasizes the length of your legs, while lending itself to endless variations in height. Skirts and long dresses also adorn the large, curved version for stress, widened to erase … without forgetting the famous ballerina, able to accommodate your toes in comfort and without additional centimeters. One more tip: you will overlays perfectly, accumulate without blushing thicknesses and lengths vary or patterns!

Dress When One Is High, the Tips That Balance

You are great, and the live badly. Dress according to its morphology? If zoom is not possible, the optical illusion can erase a few centimeters to your silhouette. Avoid monochromatic sets and play contrasts. White pants and black top, red skirt and blue sweater … tips? Belts, skirts, ruffles, horizontal stripes and other effects to cut the silhouette. Choose low heels and round toes, as well as jackets that cover the hips. Also prefer the ups and round collar, not to lengthen the neck.

Dress When One Is High, the Tips That Highlight

You are great, and then? To you the lengths! If you play without complexes on your size, opt for long coats and maxi dresses. Attention simply to the effect too short: when is great, a short jacket or a handle three quarts can quickly switch to a too tight dress. A tip to remember, German, American and Canadian brands use larger size standards as French, Italian, Spanish or Asian. Once mastered fact, you lanky mode.