How to Dress If You Are Skinny?

Liana legs, a girl’s bust size and a slightly marked: while some would pay to get rid of their forms, dress their absence is not necessarily easier. You struggle to emphasize your femininity, learn how to finally tame your skinny physique and play better with your clothes!

Dress When We Have No Forms, Miracle Clothes

Since everything you will difficult to retain only some clothes for you to dress according to your body. Jane Birkin, Kate Moss, Twiggy, Audrey Hepburn … choose your references and copy unscrupulous! The real secret lies less in the clothes in the accessories: scarves and stoles flesh out the figure, chest or accumulated for necklaces highlight a slender neck. Same principle for the rushes wrist, bringing roundness without charge. Finally shoe side, the best friend of a skinny physique is the timeless ballerina: feminine, delicate and practical.

Dress When One Is Not of Form, the Tricks That Galbent

You are threadlike, and it does not please you … Do not worry, it’s easy to create volume where they are lacking. Conclusion? Your lack of forms suitable for all clothing games. If you feel your buttocks too skinny, dress them in sculpting jeans, shaping and liftants. Your small chest  you complex? Long live the push-up and padded. If you dream of round hips, play skaters skirts and trousers clip. Accentuate contrasts with marked waist and a curved top. You hate your arms? To you the coarse mesh and airy in summer and winter dense.Dare thick materials and Decline overlays!

Dress When One Is Not of Form, the Tips That Sublimate

You’re skinny and you like it! The good news ? While you will! Wear clothes that you like, and highlight your line of vine: you do not ban the tight clothes just because you do not have forms. Instead, have fun with colors and printed or dare contrasts! A cuddly sweater to dress up, skinny jeans and ballet flats down. Boyfriend jeans or tailored to your body on the hips, with a tight T-shirt with stripes and a beautiful scarf flowers … Earn fine jewelry to accentuate femininity to your outfit, or assume the androgynous side … you to choose !