How to Dress If You Are Short

You cap in the sixty meter? Do not worry, you’re not alone. No way to complex, no question of depriving: we learn to dress to showcase what we are, rather than what we want to be … or cheat intelligently with the right clothes!

Dress When One Is Small, the Miracle Clothes

The secret is not a: gain height is the specialty of heels. You are small? All styles are allowed! Adapt pumps to your body … and your ability to walk with. For XXL legs, think heels with shoes or platform shoes. Hand clothes, your best ally is the dress, able to dress all body style. Opt for short models to highlight your legs, without demarcation between the top and bottom. Finally, go on high sizes! Skirt or pants, your legs are gaining height.

Dress When One Is Small, the Tricks That Lengthen

You are small, and it does not please you … Avoid anything that can cut silhouette for you dress according to your body. Remember too marked contrasts between the colors, materials and shapes. Play monochrome, the tone on tone or monochrome. For example ? A raw denim jeans with a navy shirt, a set of different shades of gray, beige skirt with an ecru stripe shirt … Horizontal always tends to pack, whether printed or created by your clothes. Same principle for flanged shoes, contrasting belts or mid-calf length!

Dress When One Is Small, the Tricks That Sublimate

You are small, and you are satisfied? Free uninhibited your miniature trend! Dress your small slim jeans and forget the clothes too big, which drown your figure. Play with micro-parts for a fun style to suit your body type: short jackets and micro shorts, mini dresses … or dare mischievous style by mixing colors and prints. Hand jewelry, emphasize your body long necklaces. And delete the forbidden alternating high heels or ballerina flat sneakers trend or waders rising.