How to Dress If You Are Chubby?

The average size of French women is not 36 but 42. … You are part of these morphologies in shape and form? heart stroke accessories, look tricks, smart materials or magical sections, learn how to celebrate your body without forgetting fashion!

Dress When One Is Round, the Miracle Clothes

Yes, they exist! These clothes are able to dress all body round, almost without discomfort. Go for the high waist pants for a nicer, curvy hips and buttocks: avoid too wide forms and if your thighs complexed you combine a long top with a slim shape. Side skirts, long skirts, trapeze skirt fluid or pencil skirt are your friends. Flexible shirts and long tunics will not you ever let down, plain or printed. The glamor of the dress portfolio, meanwhile, wears round beauty for decades. Finally, think about accessories! Dare chunky jewelry, emphasize your waist sashes or your finer hips.

Dress When One Is Round, the Tricks That Refine

You are round, but rather be finer? Forget loose clothes, you would get the opposite effect. Remember an essential rule: wide shape bottom, fitted top, and vice versa. With a cozy sweater, pants will be adjusted or the pencil skirt, and a long skirt, sweater will be bent or the back tee. If you prefer to hide your curves, choose blur: a vaporous belted tunic, black leggings and a big necklace. One last tip? Play contrasts: raw silk shirt and jeans, long dress and perfect, printed shirt and leggings sober.

Dress When One Is Round, the Tricks That Sublimate

You are beautiful and round and you are proud. To turn every curve asset, dress your strengths! Identify the part of your body you are most satisfied: busty, slim waist, shapely legs? A simple enough detail to direct the attention. V neckline, wide belt, skinny jeans … Place the embroidery, printed or forts details on these assets. Finally, no question of banning the color! Again, it simply puts the most strategic locations.