How to Dress Hourglass Figure?

Rather common, morphology X, also called hourglass morphology is considered the perfect morphology. If this is your case, then you have the shoulders of the same width as your hips and your waist is thin and sharp. Almost identical, the morphology-called 8 is rather used when you have luscious curves. We tend to agree with this figure, we can all wear, but there are still cuts and preferred models to put your body in value as it should be. A look at the wardrobe of a morphology in X.

Morphology X or 8: I Wear What Up?

To you arched and fitted cuts! Your body is ideal to emphasize your femininity, so do not deprive yourself. Your upper body is the part to be developed. Feel free to wear high necklines, collars V-discover your shoulders with sleeveless tops and blouses fantasies. The heart-cache is also an ally as the waist belt, perfect to emphasize your small waist around a soft t-shirt, a dress or a jumpsuit. If you have forms or if you are a little high, do not add volume with frilly or with a coat straight cut and opt for high strappy not bent, and bent jackets and coats that go down to the hips or mid-thigh.

I Wear What Down with a Morphology X?

As long as you respect the balance and harmony top/bottom of your outfit featured on ANSWERMBA, you can afford to wear just about all there. Jean or pants law, bootcut or slim (small preference for balancing bootcut silhouette), trapeze skirts, pencil, right, shorts, it’s free time! With a preference for the high waist that emphasizes the waist, but beware of side pockets if you opt for low waist.

The Enemies of Morphology X

Avoid straight jackets worn closed, all wide and shapeless clothing that would mask your feminine curves. Forget dresses and coats too rights, square necklines, puffed tunics. It is also forgotten empires sizes, although it is very pretty and romantic, as they completely veil the waist and hips. It also avoids the very shouldered jackets which unbalance the silhouette. In short, no need to do too much (patterns, volumes, fabrics …) with a morphology X.