How to Dress for a First Date?

Tonight is your first tryst with the man you just met. Not sure the outfit you will choose? This is completely normal. Follow our fashion and seduction tips for dressing your home and without going overboard.

Choose Your Outfit Depending on the Place of Rendezvous

The first golden rule for dressing well for a first romantic date, is to consider the place of rendezvous. You do not you will dress the same way if that man invites you to the opera, in a bar, at a country picnic or in an unusual place! If he fixed the place of your first date in a restaurant you do not know, ask a little about the type of school chosen. If there is a star restaurant or a neighborhood brasserie, it will of course adapt your outfit depending on the codes!

Dress for a First Date: Between Natural and Seduction

For a first date, no need to do too much leaving your party dress! The most important is to look casual, but still elegant and carefully. You may well, if you wish, buy a new outfit for the occasion, but it is not mandatory. Prefer an outfit in which you feel comfortable. Avoid too alluring dresses or tops too necklines that would have to scare your suitor. Feel free to add a twist to your look, to stand out from other girls he could have met. But be careful to stay in good taste!

First Tryst: Some Ideas of Outfits

Need Ideas for outfit for your tryst? Here is a simple look of idea that will work every time. Top, opt for a basic white shirt: leave open a few buttons, and fold the sleeves to give it a less working girl side. Combine with a good tight skinny jeans, much more subtle than a mini-skirt, and a pair of heels, which will come lengthen the silhouette. Accessorize all with a little jacket and some nice jewelry.