How to Dress According to Body Shape?

Knowing its morphology is essential to choose clothes that show off!For years we hear the high priestess of the makeover Christina Cordula tell women they are A, X, H … It is time to know that you are also bypassing the TV box. See our special guide!

Define Your Morphology

There are 5 types of different silhouettes. Women in the morphology 8 (or X) have very marked size and arched and shoulders in alignment hips. Those in A (pyramid) were fine bust and wide hips like Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez! If you have square shoulders and thin legs, you’re a V, also called inverted triangle. Many women are H (rectangle), shoulders and hips are aligned, and slightly marked size! Finally, there is the morphology O for curvy women. To know what your type of morphology is relatively simple! Stand in front of a mirror in underwear (or with clothes close to the body) and note which parts of your body are wider and thinner! The ideal is to focus on the hips, shoulders and waist. Looking body contours and not volumes! Whatever the verdict, you did not have complexes and the key is to accept.

Adapt Your Wardrobe to Your Body

According to your body, the clothes are ideally preferred. Morphology A? Focus on your upper body to bring the volume! Tops ruffles, pleats or ruffles, wholesale necklaces and breastplates are your allies. The top, are the dresses and particular models empire. If you are in V, it’s the opposite! It is best to focus on  the lower body. X is the little lucky because usually they can carry everything. The board number 1 is to mark the waist which is the main asset. Women say H have a pretty square silhouette feminize it takes. Choose the hips or chest as your part of the body most advantageous! For round morphology O, a single watchword: balance, either in volume, patterns or colors!