How to Dress a V Shaped Body

The morphology V or inverted pyramid means that the entire volume is in the upper body: you have broad shoulders and chest and hips and slim legs. this morphology men often ready because of the sporting stature of this figure, but do not worry, it only takes nothing to make him all her femininity. Unlike the silhouette in A, we must try to develop hips and slender legs and delete the volume on high. Discover what to wear to feminize and balance your figure V.

Morphology V: Top, I Wear What?

Contrary to popular belief, morphology V is very simple to feminize and develop. And because it has many strengths. In addition to your long, thin legs, you have a small waist and ample bosom, then bet on all these body parts by simply erasing your shoulders. To do this, wear V collar that will open on the chest, but also boat necks, round (not crew neck) or asymmetrical. Prefer fluid materials for your high and dare colors, but stay in the Kingdom, the reasons would seem more imposing your bust. Overall, try to wear loose tops or rights so as not to emphasize your athletic build. To bet on your wasp waist, wear blouses with small arched necks discrete not to draw attention to your shoulders. Finally, the Basque jackets without shoulder pads and trapeze coats flatter your body perfectly V

Morphology V: Below, I Reveal

You will understand, with your figure, one must build on your strengths, namely your legs. So, skirts and dresses are your best allies. Wear short or mid-long, trapezoidal or skater skirt to restore the volume down. Do not be afraid to go with the frilly, pleated sun or draped. For dresses, opt fluid materials, straight or slightly trapezoidal shape slinky or peplum to balance the silhouette. The strapless dress is handled with care, permitted only if the pin is large, with a stole. For pants, prefer low waist pants worn with a belt. The carrot pants are a perfect fit for you, because it adds volume to the hips and emphasizes the subtlety of the legs. In another style, wide baggy are perfect for you, but beware of too masculine look.

Morphology V: What to Banish Your Dressing

For your morphology V, your worst enemy is still undoubtedly the shoulder, sleeves and other balloons that inflate sleeves shoulders. Forget now the senior military or shouldered jackets. Spread your also very tight and your high tops with spaghetti straps which, again, will reveal your shoulders too. Likewise, we must outlaw turtleneck and crew neck shot. Down, avoid wearing too broad and badly cut trousers. Finally, flee down jackets or other clothing hooded.