How to Dress a Banana Shaped Figure?

Large or small, your shoulders are in alignment with your hips and your waist is not marked? Welcome to the club rectangles! Relax, this is a type of single morphology to feminize, just to avoid the androgynous style, provided of dressing following some codes. To feminize your online, follow our advice and some way for morphology silhouettes H.

Morpho H: Top, I Put It?

The catch in the morphology of H is that the size, women allied with excellent, is not very marked. We must rebalance this affront drawing elsewhere eye to your other assets. Your shoulders, your neck, your neck are all very feminine areas to develop with the right wardrobe. The thing is not to emphasize the waist, so wear high rights, fluid, slightly further, and you can dare the grounds. The empire shape is perfect for your body as well as small high with a Peter Pan collar or, conversely, a scooped neckline (depending on the size of your chest). As for jackets, not too crazy on a curved pattern, and if that is the case, take the open. Similarly for coats and trench coat, opt for straight cuts and let the belt fall.

Morpho H: And Down?

For the low, morphology H allows to have fun, but on one condition, that we opt for low sizes shapes. To highlight your figure slender, nothing like straight cuts, but you can also play with the volumes to emphasize your hips. The low-waist pants with side pockets are perfect for your figure, worn with a belt that falls on the hips. Side skirts, the ideal is the straight skirts, but you can also splurge on a tulip skirt or a fluid model, always low size.For your body H, the dress is also an ally of choice. The right dress works wonders as well as models with a belt on the hips. Besides the empire dress is for you.

Morphology H: What to Banish Your Dressing

To summarize, immediately discard all your waist belts, thin or wide. You do not have a thin waist, no need to draw the eye to that body part. So, said goodbye to your ups and jackets too bent who do you enhancer. But also goodbye to all your little short jackets and your high-waisted pants.