How to Do Makeup for Night

It is undeniable that the makeup makes all the difference in the visual, as well as enhance the traits of the face makeup disguise imperfections.

However, there are several types of makeup, from the most simple to the most sofisticas. In day to day occasions, for example, the ideal is to bet on softer colours and discreet, nocturnal occasions already combine with darker colors and vibrant. So you don’t make mistakes in choosing their makeup, made this article a guide to makeup to night, with tips, tricks and tutorials.

Makeup for night

There are several types of makeup with vintage bags to night, from the most simple to the most elaborate. However, there are some types that are more successful as the eye black smudges, the eye and the eye color smudges kitten style. These styles of make make more success among women, because they combine with various types of evening occasions such as parties, weddings, ballads, among others.

Eye black smudges

The black smudges eye never goes out of fashion and is much used in makeup for night. The advantage of this make is that it goes with everything and is easier to do. However, not to let the makeup very loaded, you must bet on a lipstick nude or pale pink dull.

To perfect this makeup for night, prepare the skin with foundation, concealer and powder, and then apply a dark brown shade to mark the concave. After that, it is necessary to dissolve into the brown to cover the entire eyelid and just above the concave. Finally, pass the black shadow over brown and vanish again to not leave marks.

Eye color blur

The colorful smudges eye has been greatly used by fashionitas during the production of makeup for night. To do this makeup, you can choose between various types of colors, and combine up to three different colors in the same makeup. The technique for doing this is the same eye of the eye black smudges, all that changes is the color in this case, the lipstick should also be more discreet.

Eye kitty style

The outlined kitten is also an excellent choice of makeup for night. This type of makeup is more subtle and light, so it can be used with various types of clothing and in different situations. To make the eye style kitten, you must pass a shade of natural tone on the eyelid with a little shine. The dish can also be marked with a Brown shade. After Shadow, just do the dash kitten carefully.

There are several other tips on makeup for the night, but with these tips you can be beautiful and raze on several occasions at night! Just don’t forget to prepare the skin before making the eye has that perfect skin makes all the difference in this type of makeup. Here are some photos of makeup for night for inspiration.

For the day to day makeup should be light and subtle, at night it’s a different story. The makeup for the night can be more loaded, especially in the eyes.

The makeup for night is always the most sought after by the fashionitas, because the night events, plus – of course – of leaving his wife even more beautiful and glamorous.

While doing the makeup for night use a good base of the same tone your skin in order to standardize the features of your face.

You can also use the compact to finalize the makeup and give a velvety skin effect.

The black shadow intense seamlessly blends in a makeup for night, because it causes an effect of eyes well highlighted in vintage style.

The blush is essential for finalizing the makeup and provide a healthy appearance to the skin.

If you want to optimize the production of your makeup to night, I recommend you do the makeup professional online course for only R$ 39.90. Although the investment is low, the quality of the course is indisputable. Worth it!