How to Decorate the House in the Countryside

Have you ever wondered how much difference can a house in the country? Living in a healthy environment, clean and away from the smog of the city could be a winning idea for families with children. Your home will be surrounded by nature, fragrances and relaxing sounds and evocative.

Obviously, not everything is rosy: you steal all the valuable tips that will help us to furnish the best, so you can turn it as best we imagine.

When you think of a country house, you find yourself coming to terms with the country style and the rustic. We must therefore understand the differences before deciding how to fix it better.

The country-style sees the focus of the recovery of objects belonging to the tradition, therefore we will have to do with furniture made ​​of lacquered wood, walls in light colors or pastel, special accessories in ceramic or porcelain.

The rustic style does not place these features in the foreground, but highlights the simplicity and quality craftsmanship of the furniture of poor art, trying to accompany them to the stone to make it even more welcoming and warm atmosphere.

However, although there are several values, these two particular styles have something in common and can be combined perfectly. This way, you can decorate your home in the countryside in a completely original way.

We begin starting from the kitchen, one of the most important areas of our house in the country. Usually, those who live in the city is subject to a way of life rather hectic, where the time spent together is relatively little.

When we turn to the country houses, we are thinking about the kitchen as the heart of the home, the meeting place for the whole family.

Then try to fix the area so that it is spacious, opting for solid wood furniture; ahead even materials such as compassion and terracotta.

Do not leave anything to chance and placed the shelves to accommodate ladles and copper or iron pans. To make it even more complete and rustic, you might enter a stove of the past, or even cutting edge.

The room, like the kitchen, must be able to convey strong emotions.

As regards the pavement, bets on the floor; for ceiling, exposed beams with wrought iron chandeliers.

The tents must be made ​​of linen or cotton, wooden ornamental windows and various objects placed inside glass or porcelain. Excellent also the patchwork fabrics.

The walls will be decorated in a rather natural, you might even decide to hang dried flowers picked to give the rooms a more personal aspect.

Also, remember: it is not a real house in the country if the room does not have a fireplace or a rocker.

The bedroom sees fabrics in linen and cotton, just like the room. For the quilt, choose fabrics in patchwork style. To give an even more personal touch and distinctive in this environment, you have to focus on tradition.

You may enter an old trunk restored, maybe where you’re going to put clothes or outfits like our grandmothers did in the past.

The bathroom deserves a discreet attention, given the fact that all that is traditional there is help. Therefore, you may choose wall stickers from

Used a large iron pot instead of the usual sink, or a ceramic bath set. In this case, with regard to the colors, choose light colors: are fine, in addition to the classic white, also the green and the blue.

Finally we come to the outdoors, as they represent one of the most important parts of a house in the country.

In fact, they can not miss the gardens or spacious courtyards. You should try to exploit them to the fullest, so as to enjoy all the benefits and wonders of nature in which you are immersed.

You could add a gazebo and a ‘ hammock, where then you are going to fix the pretty wicker chairs and tables made ​​of tree trunks.

Excellent also the furnishings in wrought iron to give a special atmosphere also in this area.

In short, the tips there we really provided a lot: it is up to you to decide just how and when to apply them to decorate your house in the country.We are sure that you will be fully satisfied with the end result.