How To Clean a Motorcycle Jacket

Leather garments are the order of the day as far as fashion is concerned, are a classic and basic item of our wardrobe. The problem comes when we found stains or marks from continued use, water, or food.


Then we explain in detail how you should wash one of these jackets at home, a process that normally takes more than 24 hours. Due to rigorous drying process to be carried out carefully, because if not, the jacket could shrink or damaged .

The washing process of a leather jacket implies, first, the acquisition of the following material: a soap or detergent, a rag and a product to clean leather , all with a bucket which will wash jacket and hot water where the we introduce today on

  1. First fillthe bucket with hot water, at a temperature about 20 ° C , taking care not to exceed this temperature in excess, and sprinkle soap or detergent, without using too much, mixing well with water.
  2. Then, we clean the cloth in the solution, without being fully soak, since otherwise we could leave stains on the jacket.
  3. Then we clean the stain garment gently, without rubbing or inflict extreme force.
  4. After this last step, we willuse a second clean dry cloth or clean up previously the first to remove any dirt from the previously soaked jacket.
  5. When we have our perfectly clean jacket and, after repeatedly mopping to ensure that no trace of any flaw or dirt, passing the drying process.
  6. We will leave todry for the time necessary jacket , as this will depend on both the size and the thickness thereof.
  7. Finally, when we have the perfectly dry garment, we turn to thelast and most important step, in which we put a lot of attention and care to do it , because it will give the final look to our jacket . We will use the right product for cleaning leather , preferably a leather conditioner and following the instructions that are normally included by the manufacturer, we will gently layer using a cloth, fairly, without using a large amount and uniformly especially leather.


It is very important to know that the process explained above to clean leather can not be performed on a daily, or even monthly, since leather is a kind of very delicate gender and perform this cleaning not fully specialized products, would end up damaging or even completely ruining one of our jackets, it can reach no solution.

As we can see, the process of cleaning a leather jacket primarily requires much effort and time and space. To avoid such trouble but do not give to have our jackets or leather coats in the best, count on our professional Getyourhero of an economic and quick way, it will be a success. You will not have to worry about sure if the jacket is completely dry or clean or if you have carried out the process in amounts and optimum temperatures for your garment.