How To Choose Toys For Children 6-8 Years?

At this age children become “elderly”. They speak and express themselves with some ease. They are able to listen and to explain how they feel.

They greatly increase their curiosity and enter a stage that allows them to be able to read, draw simple, write, add, subtract.

In this stage, they increase their curiosity about people and how the world works in general. They can read, draw, write, tell stories (to his style). Towards the 7 most includes the addition and subtraction, using objects and real-life situations. Little by little they are interesting by the end result of their actions. They gain greater confidence in their physical skills, they have shown interest in the jobs they perform adults who admire.

They are able to express their feelings and be controlled, but they still need adults to calm down. Many children are able to help others/as, on its own initiative, in group activities and to resolve problems between them / as.

They still require affection and support. The majority of girls/need it to protect themselves from the stress produced by the competitiveness and the adults warm and enthusiastic support in everything that can and do well.

At this age, children enjoy playful activities and symbolic and moving toys still like them and are important. However, at this time they greatly increase their interest in crafts, rules, constructions and video games.

Finding the ideal toy for the child is a task that needs time and attention, because among so many advertising stimuli, prices and fads it is sometimes difficult not to get dizzy and choose well. The best toys for children of 6, 7 or 8 years are balls and balls, ropes, jumpers, bowling, bicycles, skateboards, kites, remote control vehicles such as cars, RC airplanes, train, Jjuegos and toys of questions and answers, card toys, football, billiards, Domino. Also experimental toys: magnifiers, microscopes, kaleidoscopes. Notebooks for painting and coloring, paper games for trimming and gluing, paints, waxes, watercolors. Toy Instruments: guitars, batteries, organs. Construction games, for weaving, computers.

At this age, the child begins to develop his creativity. He likes to express himself through objects he makes himself, either from a model or a free form. With its ability to concentrate, the child can stay much longer focused on a game or toy, such as a puzzle.

Games rules allow the child internalize a set of social rules to interact with others (respect, wait the turn…), are, therefore, a perfect candidate for these ages. In addition, standards toys favor the development of attention and helps the child to tolerate frustration.

Children 6 to 8 years old like to Flex its muscles in activities such as jumping rope, riding a bicycle, skateboards, ball games and play on the plane. He also likes activities motor, manuals, such as drawing, entrenzar, cut, do puzzles, fabrics, working in wood and sew simple things.

Safety is the first thing, therefore, we had to choose toys for all ages according to the following safety rules: non-toxic materials, without tips or sharp edges, without electrical parts unless an adult, monitor it always use safety equipment such as helmets, knee pads, elbow pads and lifejackets.