How To Choose The Cap Without Mistakes

  • – AUG 5, 2016

How To Choose The Cap Without Mistakes

What do Robert Pattinson, Caio Castro, Avril Lavigne and Beyoncé have in common? In addition to being successful celebrities, they all have as trademark an increasingly obligatory wardrobe accessory: the cap.Known for being a funky, youthful item, the accessory has now reached a ‘must have’ status and is not necessarily worn in casual, stripped-down looks. Actor Ashton Kutcher is known for blending caps into prize looks, matching them with suits and tuxedos.

Popularized by urban street fashion, disseminated especially by artists such as rappers and skateboard enthusiasts, the cap has undergone several changes over the years and it is currently possible to find a wide variety of models. Functional and stylish, the item falls well in different productions and has long ceased to be an exclusive piece of summer. So let’s show you the types of caps and how to choose the ideal model.

  • New age

The eponymous name model of the pioneering brand in the manufacture of caps, the New Era is known for its closed models, ie no straps or size adjustment tabs. In the United States the influence of baseball made it popular in the 1930s among fans. The first New Era professional baseball cap was made in 1934 for the Cleveland Indians’ uniforms.

  • Straight tab

The straight flap cap is expensive for the rap universe. Tupac, Eminem, Kanye West and Jay-Z are some of the thousands of artists who do not live or live without the model. Super cool, this kind of cap gives an irreverent visual touch and has 80’s influence.

  • Curve tab

Based on the baseball player’s model, the curved brim cap aims to protect the face from the sun and is great for use in sports and other outdoor activities. Closed caps and snapbacks feature straight flap and curved flap models. Who does not remember the Beastie Boys’ You Gotta Fight For Your Right To Party clip, with Ad-Rock and his famous red bow flap?

  • Snapback

Popular among the skate tribe, the snapback is a cap model that features a snap-on tab on the back allowing for size adjustment. This type of cap is on the rise and is the favorite item among the most fashionistas and tuned in trends.

  • Strapback

The strapback cap differs from the snapback only in one detail: while the second has plastic straps, the strapback features a strip of fabric or leather with a buckle to adjust the size. It may have a straight or curved flap.

  • Trucker
  • More rock’roll, impossible: the trucker is the face of hardcore, metal and its sheds.Bands like Suicidal Tendencies are known for the explosive sound and also for their members always wearing their inseparable backscreen caps.

§   Measuring the size of your cap

  • Knowing the size of the cap is critical for the accessory to fall well and does not look like it “belongs to someone else”.Check the table below and buy your cap without errors:
Head Circumference American Standard Size Abbreviation
53 cm 6th XS – PP
54 cm 6th S-P
55/56 cm 6 ⅞-7 S / M – P / M
57 cm 7th M
58 cm 7 ¼ Lg
59 cm 7th Lg
60 cm 7 ½ XL-GG
61 cm 7th XL-GG
62 cm 7th XXL-GGG
63cm 7th XXL-GGG


  • There are several online stores selling caps of the most varied brands and models.However, look for parts in reliable resellers that work with 100% original products. Multi-brands like LivStorm, for example, have a wide variety of models from the best brands in the market. In addition to caps, at LivStorm, you can find the best brands of streetwear .