How to Choose Summer Sleeping Bag

How to choose a sleeping bag in summer?

It’s almost summer and you’ll probably want to go camping or go on bivouac. However the change of season requires an adequate material for this kind of activity, and today I’ll give you five tips to choose your sleeping bag in the summer!

  1. The Comfort temperature

It is indicated on most of the sleeping bag three types of temperature: the comfort temperature, limit and extreme.Your choice of sleeping bag will be in the first place based on the comfort temperature and not others, who are mostly there for guidance! In summer, the average temperature of comfort that we recommend should be between-5 ° C and 5 ° C as temperatures can be low even in high season. Therefore have to adapt depending on the situation: open the bag if it is too hot, complete with accessories, if it’s too cold (cover for example).

  1. The weight and the compressed volume

If you go for several days with only your bag on the back, your choice will be also based on the weight of your sleeping bag. A bag with high weight will quickly become a burden to you, and so do not bother! We advise therefore between 500 and 900 grams maximum sleeping bags, knowing that your bag will be light, more the comfort temperature will be high. Another essential element: the volume compressed! A sleeping bag that takes up space you will probably lose to other important to take with you! For these two criteria we recommend bags down, much less bulky and cumbersome than synthetic bags.

3 Down or Synthetic?

Just let’s talk! The bag down will bring you a weight ratio / temperature absolutely unbeatable. However the down feathers tend to stick with moisture, which greatly reduces the insulation and thermal when comfort is currently open. It is therefore to promote to comfort lovers who sleep under a shelter (shelter, tent), or even under the stars if the weather is dry. Note also that he takes little space when folded compared to a synthetic bag, because it is large, and will also drive a lot easier. It will be best to leave on this type of bag if you go for a long hike.

The synthetic bag, meanwhile, is much heavier and less compressible, but will be much more resistant to moisture.It is also the best choice from an economic point of view, since it is often less expensive than a bag down to a similar comfort temperature. It is preferred over the bivouacs, either under cover or in the open, if the time seems wet. It will especially suit the ride are short distances where the weight of the bag is not a critical factor.

4 Sarcophagus Or coverage?

The choice of the form for your bag will be also very important not only for your comfort, but also for the size of your sleeping bag in your backpack. The bag in the form of a sarcophagus to the advantage of taking little room once it rolled and significantly lighter than bags shaped cover. He perfectly fits the shape and shrinks to the base of the foot, to minimize the air intakes and therefore improve the thermal insulation. Comfort is however lessened because the body can hardly move inside (including feet), which may annoy some users to the very restless nights. This will be the most suitable form to hikes with bivouac under shelter as homeless.

The bag in the form of coverage has the advantage of being much more comfortable, the body can move during the night and we’ll feel less cramped. But it is also its main disadvantage as air gets more easily inside and cold sensations will be more noticeable. It will be also more space than a bag sarcophagus. It will therefore be to use on classic camping shelter or tent under mild conditions.

  1. Waterproof sleeping bag for summer!

The sleeping bag was PimaSleepingBags: perfect example of the synthetic bag made in polyester 100% with an excellent quality / price! Completely waterproof and water repellent, it will be especially for tropical areas or during nights very hot (do not use below 10 ° C). Ideal if you go this summer make hiking in the tropics!

The Softie Elite 2 Snugpak sleeping bag: this versatile sleeping bag is perfect for the cooler nights of summer with a comfort of 2 ° C temperature. It has an ingenious zip extension and the extra space won with this system will allow the air to flow better inside the bag to make it cooler. If temperatures drop, simply close the zip in order to tighten the bag and augment its thermal performance.

The Tropen Carinthia sleeping bag: the Tropen will offer a high-end solution in your choice of a sleeping bag. Military quality, it offers a comfort of 5 ° C temperature and also has a two-way opening that will open the lower part during the warm nights or, on the contrary, to bundle up completely if it is too cold. Note also that the inside of the bag is lined with GLT Hollow fiber, a performance ultra material that protects from the cold.

Feel free to share your Favorites in the bag as well as any tips in the comments!