How to Choose RC Helicopter


To buy the model helicopter that we like, we should not only look at the aesthetics of the product, we must not stop at the external beauty and our tastes. For these types of products is essential to know what we are going to buy. Important for this kind of object is the engine. Just like for this can vary the provision that gives us. Essentially there are two engine models: those more traditional internal combustion and electric ones, more modern.

For reading, as well as for model airplanes, have always been primarily used internal-combustion engines. The essential reason of this domain is the high level of performance that can be reached, all accompanied by a fascinating sound hollow. For this discipline in which the spectacle can count a lot, especially in tournaments. Like anything though, this engine also has its disadvantages, starting from the need of carburetor.

To avoid that there are problems in this first step, you should check that the fuel running completely in all parts of the small engine and have the care of sucking away, flight ended, fuel possibly left by a small pump. Without this care, there is a risk that our model falls to the ground leaving us powerless. Although this type of engine is, so to speak, classic, considered all these flaws, it is inevitable that has been overtaken by the more modern electric motor that can now deliver results and performance similar to those of the internal combustion engine. Progress in this last type of engine is relatively new and you have to the development of mobile phones and their batteries.

As is known the old batteries to nickel and Cadmium are unloaded soon and, if loaded when they weren’t supplementing low, a part of the charge was irreparably lost. This was influential on flights that were supposed to be short, but with the lithium batteries which do not suffer from this effect even this danger was averted, and then you can achieve the same results of the combustion engine.


Analyzed all the features of model with all the corollary we can only see its ac-purchase and where to use it. First of all, one of the first places to go may be the hypermarket: often engage in this hobby a hallway or, more often, expose on the shelves any simple pattern. To start can be more than useful one of these specimens.Since it will be difficult to have the staff to follow step by step, take care, if you buy so your model in this way, to control every last detail and damage and, above all, the presence of the remote control.

Another way may be to buy the model helicopter over the internet since there are many sites that sell these products. Obviously the risk of purchase it may be the lack of safety of what they buy since simple photos you can’t figure out any flaws. Besides, being an object with small and delicate parts during transport may unfortunately be damage to parts that then could cost more than the entire model.

It would be ideal to have in evidence for a short period of time the model helicopter so that all the pros and cons. The best place to buy, however, proves to be a specialized control centre where we can be followed in the acquisition and, including our level of skill, we will come out with a product that meets both our taste that our preparation.

Bought the model, we can ask ourselves where power finally test it, knowing full well that cannot be driven anywhere. This question will answer the same dealer that will tell us the nearest centre and maybe get us right from master. For the first few guides you can indeed have some sort of dual controls, as well as for the machine, we will avoid unpleasant accidents.