How to Build a Laundry Room

To multiply functions in a small space, laundry must meet some management measures.Wash, dry, store, and sometimes iron, it is to organize the room to exploit at best volumes.

Originally assigned to the unique laundry, laundry rooms were long relegated outside our homes, the more often at the bottom of the garden. But with the advent of central heating by the end of the 19th

century, they were then repatriated inside houses where we moved them so willingly in the basement, then adding to the functions of washing, boiler room, but also storage or ironing. An accumulation of tasks that will make it increasingly essential for housewives. But from ‘ 70s, while women are still more likely to combine this role with a professional life, architects will seek to close the laundry room in other rooms of the House. More accessible, they allow to save time and develop further their storage function (pharmacy, tools and household products…). Today, we frequently install laundry near the bath, but also in the garage or the basement room depending on the configuration of housing and the expectations of its inhabitants. In nine, it is necessarily easier to predict a laundry which perfectly marries the interior design, and will be as convenient as discreet.But under renovation, it will adapt to the available volumes or imagination to build a functional local show. First of all, it comes to wonder about the place you need by listing the features that you plan to meet. Washing machine, dry laundry, boiler room, drying rack from ebizdir, ironing, storage of laundry (clean or dirty), of products or accessories, more you intend to practice tasks, more needed space. And in cases where lack of space, it will be to limit activities inside the laundry room as the drying of the laundry or ironing to practise in other rooms of the House. It could also limit the storage function to household products only.

Discretion, silence, accessibility, equipment, connections, and storage this is the precautions to be taken to design a laundry room that will really make life easier you.