How to Assemble a Skateboard Step by Step

Your skateboard willingly and with joy. Nevertheless, you have the idea that skateboarding you use does not suit you. It is very rude and big or too small. You have problems with your knees, and you can not control easily. Some tricks you get but not mastered, while others had learned very quickly. These are all problems that may be on your skateboard. It is therefore important to choose the right brands and parts. You can do this, go to a store, but it’s good to have some basic knowledge about your skateboard.

Skateboard Deck

In compiling start actually always on deck. This is a wooden plank where you stand. Often maple used for skateboards. But it is the best wood skateboards “Canadian rock”. In total there are seven wooden plates glued together. Each time these wooden plate is perpendicular to the other glued resulting in cross veins firmness. Yet this way a certain flexibility preserved so that your board will not only break. If you skateboard video in slow motion display will also be surprised how flexible a skateboard can be.
The right size is important skateboard. You have different lengths but different widths. The length of your skateboard has more to do with the length of your body. The longer you are, the longer your board be. Yet this is often used as a guideline.
The length of a skateboard is often between 71 and 81cm. However, this is expressed in inches, therefore, 28 to 32 inches. No one can explain exactly how long you need. You can use some guidance length but ultimately you have to experience the difference yourself.
The width of the skateboard is just as important as the length. Sizes range from about 7 to 8.5 inches. What width you need depends on what you want to do with skateboarding. A narrow skateboard is easier for technical tricks.As flips, ollies, more lips. Briefly:

  • 7 to 7.5 inches are often used for street skating.
  • 7.5-8 inches are often used in large parks. If you have many halfpipes skate and less to do flip tricks.
  • Skateboards by 8 inches are often used to drive around and “cruising”.

Nevertheless, you will meet people in the street skating and still have an eight inch skateboard. This may have to do with the length or size of the feet. In the end, even your own feeling the most important. Keep in mind that a large skateboard less precise but requires work harder to “turn”. The opposite is also true. A small skateboard is easy to freak out here but will require more precision.
I recommend novice skateboarders on a skateboard 7.5 inches wide and 29 to buy up to 30 inches long. Then you are right in the middle and it is easy to spot if you want larger or smaller.


Where can I watch on trucks
trucks of a skateboard is a prerequisite for running. This is often the only part that will last a long time and therefore it is important to choose good trucks. A truck consists of Kingpin, base, shaft, bushings and hanging. The trucks must be very durable because it is the part that comes in contact with the ground during grinds and slides.
In addition to the hardness and durability of the trucks must be flexible enough to be able to continue forward. Try to save money on your vehicle because this is really an important part of your skateboard! It’s better than saving money on wheels or bearings.
Base Plate
The base plate is flat steel part that you are stuck on the deck trucks. There are holes in the corners of the plate corresponding to the holes in your deck. You can also buy shock pads. These are rubber pads that you make between the baseplate and your tires. This would skateboard what could be more fun and back and knees experience less stress when skateboarding. Remember that if you want to use shock pads you need longer screws to attach your trucks.
Hanging is the section T-shaped steel, which is connected to the base plate. This component will receive the most abuse, it is important to buy a good brand. Cheap truck will only wear out faster and therefore you will eventually be more expensive.
The kingpin is the only one you love trucks together and it can prevent these crimes. This is not a problem because a kingpin can buy separately in the shop. However, it is advisable to buy a kingpin of the same brand to ensure that it fits. Sometimes Kingpin so badly worn that you can not get him to go. It is best to buy new trucks.
You can put the pin tighter or looser. This can make steering easier as you sit trucks solver. Are you a technical skier or you have a more street-related style? Then it is better to put Kingpin harder. If you drive more skate parks or just want to run around in your skateboard is a looser stand finer and easier.
shaft, the shaft is where your wheels and bearings attached. There is a difference in the width of the shoulders.Also here is the rule: The bigger you are, the wider your skateboard. Yet it is often personally what you ride comfortable.
The bushings are rubber rings placed in three different places in your truck. These have the function to keep your trucks are flexible so that you can send. They also function to cushion the blows when you jump on your skateboard. The bushings often wear more quickly as the rest. If she cracks are starting to get it’s time to replace them. They can just buy some skateboard shop or even replaced in the store.


The wheels of a skateboard to choose a lighter. The only difference in wheel hardness. The harder the wheels faster you will go, but how “bumpier” ride it is. Softer wheels are more comfortable to drive but go much slower. Most people drive wheel with harder because they have to constantly otherwise steppe to maintain momentum. Soft wheels are often used in longboarding.
The wheels will wear out pretty quickly if you drive a lot. It can also be flat spots on wheels through the nose, tail, blunt and board slides and returns. Here is relatively little to do other than just to buy new wheels. But you can often stay for a long drive with the same wheel, even if they have already become much smaller, they can still do well.


Stocks are the last components that you need for skateboarding. There is not much difference even let you sometimes think. There is also an ABEC certification which runs from 1 to 9. The certification must demonstrate the resistance of a layer. With cars and other machines with large wheels, it is also of interest. Skateboarding much less because they undergo more wear and clapping. That’s why most people recommend just the cheapest stocks.
Tip: buy two boxes so you can always replace a warehouse destroyed.

How do You Put Your Skateboard Together

You start with your tires. You just keep gently grip tape on top of your deck. If you are stuck grip tape rubbing over it with a wooden spool to ensure that it is safe. Then stick a needle all the air bubble through and rub again with houtenklosje the grip tape. You grip tape deck is bigger than you and therefore you should cut it. The simplest method is to rub houtenklosje or other hards around the edge of your tires. You will see a white line in the grip tape, and you will be there
with a Stanley knife to carefully cut the excess tape has to go.
Locate the hole in your tire where the screws on your truck gets stuck. You take a screwdriver and penetrates grip tape through the holes so that the screws can get through it. Then take your trucks. Both your trucks are identical so it does not matter where the truck gets stuck. But Kingpin needs on the inside of your tires sit. You put the truck with the nut on the bottom of your skateboard. When you put the wheels in your inventory on the shoulders. You screw it in place. And ready your skateboard. Here is a video of someone who puts his skateboard along to use as an example.
A good tip to recognize you easily skateboard at the skate park is nice and comfortable to cut a small figure from your grip tape before pasting it into your deck. For example, a flash, or a letter. If you then skate with friends and skate all lie in the trunk of instantly recognize, or if you crash or fall into the skatepark skateboard see right away what is yours.