How small are you given your subtle fears?

Sometimes it comes creeping.

Sometimes all of a sudden.

The fear.

She come, she go. Sometimes it stays… or she goes and comes back…
This feels stressful.

Your whole excitement is really clouded. What should all be only, if your baby is coming now?

The trigger of your fears can be quite different. A careless phrase that dropped a screening is too big, too small… your baby -… Laboratory blood values-something which is not the norm. Or you have to suddenly lie because your baby is too early would make much on the way.

And then is it there-the fear… and may not properly be scared away.

Since the question is you:
Am I Wrong?”

Why has the fear as a power, it muddies the whole anticipation that there was just so much?

And how do you react now, at best, to deal with your fear?

Two first, immediate reactions go hand in hand.

It Is Important That You Can Admit Your Weakness In This Fear!

The many unknown components that go hand in hand with your pregnancy and birth.

The dependency of the statements from others about your own health and the health of the own baby.

The many “to do’s” that are often added to the list and should be done before the baby comes.

There, the feeling comes up quickly no longer to meet the situation.

Or there is a sudden event which throws the made plans only once completely overboard.

Then it’s “good hope” to be with the feeling, all quickly over.

And – believe it or not: this is totally ok!

You may be afraid!

You may be ashamed of yourself also, to be afraid.

You may cry, whine and cuss!

Are your feelings – and not to take it seriously would also mean even not serious to take you.

Your fears are but also an indication that for you something not quite smoothly. This warning label, which friends hold your emotions there, is important! If you’re taking in this situation fully, you can grow it.

This causes, and also to the second reaction, are not missing at this point.

It is important that you find back to your inner strength!

You’re not just, if you consumed inner fears. Enjoy your joy, your concentration, your confidence, and so much more! You prevent good hormones that make your life easier.

But what can you do to regain your inner strength?

1. use knowledge to strengthen

You have to be a professional! To be a semi pro can help but very good friends.

Use your pregnancy, to get to know your body again. Knowledge level.

A good book can keep you running through the pregnancy and the operations that take place in your body during this time. And a second book, to strengthen your knowledge that you ‘re able to give birth to your baby.

Of course, you have to weigh what types of knowledge can strengthen you and which you stumble. Find your way and your personal level there.

2. use Exchange to strengthen

Since you’re pregnant you can find out sure frequent experiences of other moms.

Even if they are already far back, the experience of this time in many women with lots of details are present.

Search in particular exchanges with women, you know, that they have felt their birth as a tonic. From them you can learn what they benefits have .

Of course you will even know that women have felt their experiences surrounding the birth difficult. Ask them whatthey wanted in this situation would have. Or what they used to dowhen they look back now.

So you can learn what you can prepare and what help you can get you on board.

3. use mindfulness to you to strengthen

You realize that it is important sometimes to filter external influences. Or even walking distance to influences that do you just not good.

You can not totally deprive you some influences.

Then it can help at least temporarily on distance to go, so you only have to sit out a stressful situation, if you’ve regained enough of your inner strength.

4. use your breathing to strengthen

To breathe consciously brings our body to rest, if we are tense.

Leave here your shoulders hang and also quietly close the eyes.

Now let flow your breath. A through the nose so far fills your entire belly. It’s like a big balloon. So far it’s pleasant friends.

Then you let your breath slowly through your little open lips again stream, out of your body.

Never stop the flow of your breath here, but let in flow evenly through your body.

5. use meditation to strengthen

Various types of meditation are meanwhile fully aware to the

Used preparation for the birth. The pregnancy yoga is very well known, but also autogenic training for birth preparation and HypnoBirthing has related approaches.

To let fears to distribute or not even consciously come up through concentration and relaxation, you can facilitate pregnancy and birth.

6. use affirmation to strengthen

Imagine, you’re just really bad mood or very sad.

If you’re now starting to smile (even though you don’t feel like it) your body starts on a good mood to set and it’s gradually going better.

Our body can be so.

Also by beliefs.

The fact that faith can move mountains, is reported in the Bible.

This works in two different direction.

Affirmations are deliberately selected, real and positive beliefs or images in the mind’s eye. You can formulate them for your pregnancy, childbirth, and life with baby.

It is important that you friends affirmations repeatedly (loudly and in thoughts) are saying before.

You can for example write it, or you can print and hang in places where you spend a time of the day. For example on your bathroom mirror or in the kitchen around the stove.


Fears in pregnancy are widespread.

It’s totally ok to have the feeling of fear. It is part of the process of change through which you just go.

Your fear is for you whenever “dangerous”, when she starts to control you. In addition, fears make gray and less beautiful life.

Therefore, it is totally beautiful, if you can handle your fears, you go will you soon again.

There’s a fairly easy 3-step plan

  1. Step:
    Find out what triggers your fears or raised.If this is not possible (just), skip this step for now.
  2. Step:
    Find out if and how it is possible to get rid of your fear factors.That can are reflected in a clearer attitude your shutter button opposite. Or maybe it’s no longer necessary, that you will face with the trigger as long he has such a big influence on you.
  3. Step:
    Fill up with positive knowledge, encouraging testimonials and good thoughts.Our world has so incredibly great influence as it gets us. Systematically to use positive affirmations – beliefs so – much less space can be anxiety-making thoughts.

What fears are what move you? What you do have (successfully) to arrive against them?

You think it’s important to talk about that the fears in a such a large change process completely in order are open?Then this article please share with your friends.