History of the Leather Jacket

If I tell you jacket leather, Easy Riders and bikers to the sunglasses, you tell me… “leather jacket” of course! Formerly emblem of thugs and bikers, the leather jacket is now part of your wardrobe. Revised and updated by the creators, it reigns supreme among the must-see fashion clothing. For a rock look ‘roll, Bohemian or romantic, the leather jacket is THE fashion garment that is all the rage in any season!

As the sailor, shoes or even the little black dress, the leather jacket did not had a ride. It is part of rare clothing that ceased to be manufactured, sold and especially to be carried from generation to generation. Timeless leather jacket, the perf’ from its name, is one of fashion clothing must have in his dressing room.

  • The history of the leather jacket: biker in it-girls

The leather jacket was born in 1928 in the United States thanks to the talents of the young American entrepreneur Irving Schott. This is the request of a Harley-Davidson dealer named “Beck Distributorsun” Schott created a ‘functional and comfortable’ leather jacket for bikers called “leather jacket”, the name of his favorite cigar.

The bikers being more numerous at the time, the leather jacket spread throughout the country and began to get a reputation.

Years later, the leather jacket has not aged a bit and is still part of the panoply of the biker. It sells all over the world and remains THE reference number 1 of Schott as well as being her best-selling.

  • How to wear the leather jacket?

There are many sex symbol of American cinema who carried a day the leather jacket. James Dean, Marlon Brando, Peter Fonda made a mythical piece, the fashion accessory of the perfect rebel in need of freedom.

Today, women also wear the leather jacket. And fashionistas have made one of the pieces essential mode of their dressing room. Over the years, the seasons, the leather jacket is always as well with a rock look’roll than a romantic look.

Such the team sexy member of Marlon Brando in the wild, put on a white t-shirt, jeans, boots and a leather jacket. The Bohemian spirits, for their part, will choose a short dress embellished with their leather jacket fashion accessories.

When romance meets the rockabillies, fashion is thrilled!

  • Where shopper a good leather jacket?

The summer will be hot, summer will be rock’roll so all your leather jackets! You have the choice between a leather jacket, classic black, cut right or adjusted, you shopperez at Brooklyn Bridge Factory to a very reasonable price, or a leather jacket sleeveless American Retro for hot days.

Leather jacket dresses color: at Schott, you will find a burning red and counter of the cotton, a color menthol will integrate perfectly in the pastel trend.

The leather jacket is also available in other materials: denim, suede, Tweed or corduroy jacket there is something for everyone. This summer, one that you prefer, it is Mango denim trend summer jacket, which marries well with a pretty floral print short dress.

Roll youth, armed with your leather jacket, hugging your Knight on a Harley, nothing can stop you!The air of “Born to be wild” in mind, a jacket of leather on the shoulders and a wave of freedom will blow on spring fashion trends summer!