Hermès Bags for Winter

The Paris fashion shows are now over a few weeks, and all we are and hunt for what will be the must-have for next season, to act in advance and be clear on what we want to add to short to our wardrobe. But as often it happens after collecting some rough ideas about the total look the attention inevitably shifts on accessories, cross and delight of every self-respecting fashionista, to understand what we expect in the next season and diciamocelo- choose the it-bag of point-and start putting aside money!

Today we look at what went on stage on catwalks Hermès. Will probably choose a Hermès is a concept closer to deciding to tackle an investment to bring its iconic bags in a list of potential it-bag that will go in the next season, since the maison recurs every year its historical models, that immortal, do not seem to go out of fashion and for which, however, there is an exhausting waiting list. the Hermès catwalk has seen parading fantastic and inspired outfits to a dimension inhabited by super-heroines armed with bowler hat and umbrella, dressed in elegant look inspired by classic male models, mysterious detectives that in the style of Jean Paul Gaultier peer and are inspired by men’s fashion of the past reinventing it for a very feminine look and decided that next season sees the triumph of the skin. But let the bags. They could not miss the historical patterns, then the legendary Kelly and longed Birkin.

The two historic handbags, sunglasses symbol of all the tradition and the wisdom of the brand, continue to fascinate the public and customers, and the maison offers willingly modern versions, adapted to the fashions of the moment. The collection for winter 2011 offers a lot of Birkin and Kelly in a significant variety of styles and materials: highly exclusive Birkin crocodile to accompany magar ia ankle to the knee of the same material, as proposed by the fashion house, Kelly studded scratchy-looking and determined while the ram invades everything , and even a bonsai version, to be worn attached to the umbrella.