Here Is Final Fantasy VII for Android

There are divided opinions, but many people consider Final Fantasy VII as the height of the saga. The original game was released there by 1997 on PlayStation and later on PC, and since then requests so Square Enix created a remake have been constant.

The “remake” arrived, but rather in the form of re-Edition, in 2012, to PC. I’m not going to lie, the feeling is a bit bittersweet because the game is practically modeled except for the inclusion of achievements, the items recorded in the cloud or the controversial breeder of characters. Luckily, there is another on way, but that’s another story.

That same reissue is which was released in the iOS last year, and now you can it also download Android Since Google Play, prior payment that if of the 15,99 EUR It’s worth, although all money is little in order to try to save Aeris…

New: you can avoid the monsters

Depends on what type of player you are, but you have to recognize that sometimes the random encounters with monsters While you are walking around the map can be of the most annoying and inconvenient. Back in 1997 when playing in your PSX on the sofa perhaps didn’t you fight 30 times before you get from point A to B, but when you’re playing on your mobile while you’re on the subway maybe it makes you a little heavy.

In a unique novelty of the mobile version of Final Fantasy, you can completely disable the battles on the map the world or “enemies” levels. By doing so, you avoid these optional fights, though you’ll still fighting in which are vital to the progression of the plot.

Moreover, as in the PC version of this re-release, you also have a magic button for increase all your skills to the maximum value. As classic Final Fantasy player seems nothing short of sacrilege, but beyond each with his conscience.

2 GB and with some other bug

Now seems to be that Final Fantasy VII has come to Android with more than just materials, mako reactors and Sephirots: when a game has an own page to detail the phones that “proven that the game works”, is to worry. The funny thing is that still, in the text in Google Play is notified that not all of these devices have been tested, and could also contain errors. Then what is this list exactly?

Another sign to consider before going through box is that the same description on Google Play details the following problems:

The application presents an incicencia involving the use of vehicles according to the terrain and the time in which they are used. In case you do not move when you go up or lower them, we recommend restarting the application and load the last saved data before the problem would be given.

Also, we recommend to save your progress regularly and in different files of saved, since at the moment we have managed to completely solve the incidence.
The error occurs most frequently when it is raised or lowered a car too close to certain elements of the ground or if there is any activity regulated by time in course.

Progress is not saved automatically when it flees from a battle on the world map even if the auto-save option is on.

Not be you, but I at least would have preferred that they corrected the mistake instead of warn whenever there are the same, although it is appreciated the effort. Moreover, the application uses the not inconsiderable amount of 2 GB of memory, which doubled to 4 GB of memory to be able to download it and install it.


  • Version of Android: from 4.1
  • Developer: SQUARE ENIX Co., Ltd.
  • Download it in: Google Play
  • Price: $15.99
  • Category: Role-playing games