Having Style is Important

“Someone once told me that I was not nice is that it wouldn’t have been. Though I had style. That is much better.” Follow the mantra of Iris Apfel and the recommendations of the fashion director of the Cosmos to find your style.

There is a spot that turn these days on TV, where you see a 94-year-old lady who knows in fashion. It’s called Iris Apfel and is an icon of American fashion, which in almost a century has seen changing trends and has developed a style a lot (but veeery) staff.

IRIS says something important: “someone once told me that I was beautiful and that it would never have been. Though I had style. That is much better.”

Here is the difference between adopting a style and have style. If you don’t have style, have a wardrobe with a thousand heads of latest collections is totally unnecessary. While in the right context can have style even bundled in a burlap sack.

And believe me, you got style. Even if you don’t think it’s there, with a little bit of effort and awareness you can pull it out by practicing these 6 recommendations.


  1. Take a cue but not copy. Photocopies are never as good as the original. Think for example to Shakira’s voice: has an unmistakable stamp. Ariana Grande mimics fine (as a joke), but when it gets seriously takes out his authentic voice that makes it unique. It’s always good to be inspired by, without ever getting to sound like a parody of the original.
  2. Hunt for stimuli. Don’t ever stop! Use your time to fill (figuratively) your bag of experience. Search, be curious and let go to serendipity, chance discovery: discover the most interesting things where you least expect them. I love flea markets and find everything. If you have a trunk with clothes of the grandmother or an aunt, dive head first! There you will find some treasures.
  3. To have a style you have to know who you are. Did you ever think? Parts from this cue: “being cool means not to follow it.” All wear wide-brimmed hat? Well, you don’t use it (it was 5 years ago when it was fashionable, in fact). Flared jeans are back but you can’t ship them pleasure or are they awful? Forget it. Choose the things you like, the ones that make you happy and make you feel good when you wear them: only in this way will you be yourself.
  4. Smile! The smile is the only truly indispensable accessory, as well as being the first thing you see about you and one that connotes more. Pull it out and use it often. For example, for me is a great antidote to bad days.
  5. Homologate tot ever. Let me give you an example: a day in the subway (for me it is a place of great study of trends, both positive and negative) I noticed a group of girls. All very nice in their own way, but also all the same. It was not clear where the other one started and where it ended. White sneakers, black jeans torn at the knee, parkas, backpack, long hair, zero makeup. They went in the direction of University… I’d say undo direction! The style my dear, the real one, has no time and has no age. The approval brings you only to be insecure and not to let out your real you.
  6. Be yourself, always. As a true fashion Lady, Diana Vreeland: “too good taste the long bored”. Maybe you’ll have style and feel inadequate, but nothing I mean nothing can or should be discouraged. Because you are unique and from your mistakes, you’ll be sure of the positive teachings. It takes time and sometimes patience, but “there is no greater tragedy than seeing yourself in the mirror and see someone else. Although the look is impeccable.” Word of Iris Apfel.